It’s true that tens of thousands of fans traveled to Stockholm to attend the opening show of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” world tour on Wednesday. The event drew a diverse and enthusiastic crowd, with fans coming from all over the world to witness Beyoncé’s highly anticipated return to the stage. The concert was a spectacle of music, dance, and stunning visuals, showcasing Beyoncé’s unparalleled talent and artistry. The tour promises to be a major event for music fans worldwide, and Beyoncé’s fans are eagerly anticipating her upcoming performances.

Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” world tour is her first solo tour since 2016, and it is named after her 2022 album that focuses on dance music. The album’s success helped Beyoncé break the record for the most decorated artist in Grammy history, cementing her status as a music superstar.

Fans who had complained in recent months about the lack of music videos for “Renaissance” were in for a treat Wednesday as video projections and animations took center stage. The rapid succession of costume changes and decor shifts was baffling. The singer played on interactions between a digital and physical world where robotic devices make space for weird silver moon rovers or an inflatable horse. Even Queen Bey herself morphs into a cybernetic character. Seems confusing? It was.

Despite the grand scale of the stage production, Beyoncé still managed to create intimate moments with her fans during the concert. She expressed genuine gratitude for their support and for traveling to see her perform. Beyoncé performed a range of songs from her two-decade career, starting with “Dangerously in Love,” the title track of her 2003 debut solo album. She also performed her 2011 female empowerment anthem “Run the World (Girls)” and included a selection of hits from her “Renaissance” album. The diverse setlist showcased the breadth and depth of Beyoncé’s musical catalog and allowed fans to connect with her across different eras of her career.

The Wednesday night show was a success, with all 46,000 tickets selling out. Based on the audience’s enthusiastic response, it seems likely that the rest of the tour will be a hit as well. Beyoncé is scheduled to perform in over 40 cities, including London, Paris, Barcelona, and Toronto, before concluding the tour on September 27th in New Orleans. With such a diverse range of destinations, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour is sure to attract a wide range of fans and continue to solidify her status as a global superstar.

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