Al-Hilal is reportedly sweetening the deal to sign Lionel Messi by also signing three of his closest friends in football. The Saudi Arabian club has already offered Messi a staggering €400 million per season to join their team, and his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expiring this summer suggests he is considering his options.

Al-Hilal have already offered Lionel Messi €400 million a season to move to Saudi Arabia, and now they are set to sign three of his best friends in football to sweeten the deal.

While Barcelona has expressed interest in re-signing Messi, they would need to reduce their debt by €200 million to participate in La Liga next season. The reported €25 million a year plus a percentage of shirt sales they have offered may not compare to Al-Hilal’s offer.

The Saudi club’s offer would make Messi the highest-paid footballer of all time, twice what Cristiano Ronaldo earns at Al-Nassr. Al-Hilal’s pursuit of Messi does not stop there, as they are also looking to sign his close friends to make the deal even more attractive. It remains to be seen whether Messi will accept the offer or pursue other options for his future.

Getting the band back together

According to a tweet by France Televisions’ Mohamed Bouhafsi, Al-Hilal is trying to reunite Lionel Messi with his former Barcelona teammates Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, and is also planning to make an offer to PSG’s Marco Verratti. This move is unprecedented in football and shows the lengths that Al-Hilal is willing to go to secure Messi’s signature.

Barcelona is currently facing financial difficulties and is looking to cash in on players, including Alba, who has fallen behind Alejandro Balde as the first-choice left-back. Busquets is set to leave on a free transfer this summer, and while his departure will leave a hole in the midfield, it will also remove his hefty €37 million annual salary from the books.

Acquiring Verratti could prove to be the most challenging, as he is under contract with PSG until 2026 and is valued at €36.1 million by FootballTransfers’ algorithm. However, Al-Hilal’s determination to reunite Messi with his former teammates shows their commitment to building a strong team and competing at the highest level.


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