Piers Morgan, a well-known Arsenal fan and media personality, believes that the Gunners would have won the Premier League this season if they had signed Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo left Manchester United in November, and after a brief stint with Al-Nassr, joined Saudi Pro League outfit. Despite Arsenal’s title challenge being all but over, Morgan feels that the club missed an opportunity to solidify their position in the league with a potential signing of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. Morgan tweeted that Ronaldo knows how to win major trophies and score goals when it matters most, and that if Arsenal had signed him until the end of the season, they would have won the league. While this is speculation, it highlights the impact that a signing like Ronaldo can have on a team’s performance and morale.

Would Ronaldo have been the right man for Arsenal?

Piers Morgan’s claim that Cristiano Ronaldo would have helped Arsenal win the Premier League this season is certainly up for debate. While Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers of all time and has a proven track record of scoring goals and winning trophies, it’s unclear whether he would have been the right fit for Arsenal.

Arsenal’s dip in form coincided with the injury absence of key centre-back William Saliba, so it’s possible that even Ronaldo’s goals would not have been enough to get them over the line. Additionally, Ronaldo’s past behavior and controversies could have created disharmony within the squad, which might have hindered Arsenal’s chances of winning the league.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to say whether Ronaldo would have been the right man for Arsenal without actually seeing him play for the club. While his talent and experience would undoubtedly have been valuable, it’s important to consider the broader context and potential impact of his signing on the team’s dynamics and performance.

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