Lionel Andres Messi is widely considered to be the greatest football player of all time. In addition to his top-notch playing career, he is also involved in various business ventures. As a football legend, he has conquered the entire world of football,Messi‘sfragrance line,

According to Sports Bible, Lionel Messi opened an exclusive fashion and merchandise store with Tommy Hilfiger’s sister, Ginny, in 2019. The e-commerce store, called The Messi Store, provides apparel, sportswear, men’s and women’s clothing. The clothing line also comes in limited editions with Messi’s exclusive signature. Messi models himself and promotes his brand on social networks. At the same time, Richard JamesSavile Row‘s personal tailor, has also collaborated with Messi Store to create a high-end veston collection. The Messi Store is another example of Messi’s successful business ventures outside of football.

Lionel Messi is planning to set up his own football academy in the Catalan village of Garraf, Culemania. The Messi Foundation is working to create a 20,000 square meter football training academy, complete with two football fields, changing rooms, parking areas, and accommodation. The academy will be designed to train young footballers and help them develop their skills in a professional environment. Messi‘s commitment to developing young footballers is just one of the many ways he is giving back to the sport that has given him so much success and fame.

Razmig Hovaghimian, Lionel Messi’s longtime business partner, is the man behind the San Francisco sports investment firm Playtime. The main objective of founding Playtime was to fund football tech companies or invest in football teams. Playtime has placed investments in two soccer-based startups:, an interactive gaming website, and AC Momento, a marketplace app. Messi has committed to creating unique investments through this future technology investment after he retires. Playtime’s focus on football investment aligns well with Messi’s passion for the sport and his desire to help develop it further.

The Messi Experience Park (MEP) is a $200 million project that is a valuable partnership between MediaPro Exhibitions, Phoenix Group, and Messi Management. It is a lavish project that spans nine hectares in China, including hotels, residential areas, virtual reality domes, flying theaters, and dark sightseeing experiences. Visitors will also enjoy Messi-related soccer activities and extreme sports with cutting-edge technology. The main attraction is the 12,000 square meter amusement park with landscaped and 25,000 square meter public space. The MEP is another example of Lionel Messi‘s successful business ventures outside of football and his ability to create unique and innovative experiences for his fans and followers.

According to Forbes, Lionel Messi has signed a valuable contract with luxury watch brand Jacob & Co. In 2019, the brand launched its first exclusively designed limited edition series in collaboration with MessiEpic X Chrono Messi. This series of 180 watches features a $150,000 diamond-backed version of the Epic X Chrono. This rare collection features features such as the Argentina flag color scheme and the 10-minute marker on the dial offset in red to indicate Messi’s lucky shirt number. The collaboration with Jacob & Co. is another example of Messi’s successful business ventures outside of football and his ability to partner with high-end luxury brands.

According to The Sun, Lionel Messi has signed a lifetime contract worth $10 million USD per year with the sports shoe giant Adidas. The German sportswear manufacturer has chosen the legendary soccer player as the face of their brand. In 2015, Messi became the first footballer to release an Adidas sub-brand, in an exclusive, luxurious collaboration – Adidas Messi. These special edition sneakers have been sold worldwide at Adidas stores since 2017.

Currently, the football player and billionaire Messi is still enjoying a huge salary when playing for the rich French club Paris Saint-Germain and collaborating with A-class brands. And valuable business projects, Messi’s millions of dollars are still continuing to increase his net worth with an estimated value of up to $600 million USD. Messi’s partnership with Adidas is a testament to his success both on and off the field and his ability to create long-lasting partnerships with leading brands in the industry.


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