Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo has expressed regret over his tackle on Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli during their match on Sunday. The tackle, which occurred during the first half, resulted in Martinelli being forced off the pitch with an injury. Caicedo took to Twitter to apologize for the incident, stating that he wouldn’t have made the bad tackle if he could turn back time.

After the match, Arsenal club doctor Gary O’Driscoll referred to the tackle as “disgraceful” but stated that Martinelli should be back before the end of the season. Arsenal were unhappy with Caicedo’s challenge on Martinelli, and their fans were also vocal in their criticism of the incident on social media.

Roy Keane on tackle

According to Roy Keane, who was on pundit duty, the tackle by Moises Caicedo on Gabriel Martinelli was tough and the Arsenal player was lucky to escape with just an injury. Keane suggested that Martinelli might have benefited from the positioning of the player and his personality to avoid a more severe outcome. However, Keane also commented that a good teammate would retaliate in such situations. He acknowledged that the tackle was not good and Martinelli had to be taken off the pitch, hoping it won’t be the end of his season as he has been outstanding.

In other news, Arsenal must beat Nottingham Forest to have any chance of winning the Premier League. Nottingham Forest is battling relegation, making it a dogged contest. Forest recently took a point at Chelsea to remain three clear of 18th-placed Leeds, who are currently in the bottom three. The Gunners have accumulated 81 points this season, which is their highest total in the last 15 years.

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