Cristiano Ronaldo is without a doubt one of the best football players in the world’s history.

So far in his career, CR7, as he is affectionately and professionally known, has scored an amazing 811 goals and broken a ton of club and international records along the way.

Cristiano Ronaldo doing his celebration following his goal against Newcastle

The ‘Siu’ against Chelsea that started it all

Someone who has found the net so many times should probably have a special way to celebrate.

The 37-year-“Siu” old’s celebration is now known all over the world. But where did football’s most famous goal celebration come from?

Cristiano Ronaldo: What is the celebration?

This season, fans at Old Trafford have really liked seeing Ronaldo do his celebration move more than once.

After putting the ball in the back of the net, the forward usually moves toward the corner flag, does a 180-degree spin, and then lands on the ground with a strong stance.

As Ronaldo falls to the ground, he spreads his arms and yells “Siuuu,” which is Spanish for “yes.” Fans often join in, making a loud noise that shakes the stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo: When was the celebration created?

Ronaldo said in an interview that he made the “Siu” celebration while he was with Real Madrid, so United fans won’t have seen it during his first time at Old Trafford.

In 2019, he said this about the celebration: “I started to say “si,” which means “yes,” when I was in Real Madrid.

“Everyone would say “siiiii” when we won, so I started to say it too. I don’t know why, but it just seemed right.

“I was in the United States when we played Chelsea in 2013, and I don’t know where this celebration is coming from.

“I just scored and it just came out. To be honest, it just seemed right. Since then, I’ve done it more often, and I think the supporters and fans see it and say, “Cristiano, siuuuu!”

“I’m like ‘wow! Because of it, people think of me!’ So that’s good, and I’ll keep going that way.”

Lingard was excellent for England against Andorra and combined his own celebration with CR7’s famous ‘Siu’

Cristiano Ronaldo: What has been said about the celebration?

After Jesse Lingard went back to United, he did the same celebration when England beat Andorra 4-0 in September.

After the game, he said, “Me and Mason [Mount] were talking about how to celebrate this week, and obviously we mixed my celebration with Cristiano’s, so I said I’d do it.

“Yeah, it’s a little gift to welcome Ronaldo, but he’ll get used to it quickly, and he’ll be a great help to this team.

“It feels great to put on an England shirt, and it feels even better to score and do well for my country.

Andros Townsend then did the “Siu” celebration during Everton’s 1-1 draw with Man United at Old Trafford, which caused a lot of controversy.

Townsend said, “It’s a sign of respect for a guy who helped me get where I am in my career.

“I spent a lot of time on the training field and in the video room watching his free kicks, stepovers, and how hard he works at football.

“So it wasn’t a copy, but a way to honor one of my heroes. I probably didn’t do the party justice, and I probably didn’t do it perfectly.”

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