Cristiano Ronaldo’s current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, does not live under a “mistletoe” with him. She also makes millions of euros by herself every month.

Georgina only has an account on Instagram, but that account has 46.5 million followers.

Because of this, she makes a lot of money through this social networking site.

Look says that every time Georgina posts on her Instagram Story, she makes about 12,000 euros.

The amount for Georgina to introduce a product on her Instagram feed is also close to 60,000 euros.

As of right now, the beautiful people with Argentine and Spanish blood post about six times a week, which is enough to make them a few hundred thousand euros per month.

When you add in money from advertising and other social media platforms, the numbers are even more impressive.

Georgina advertises as the global face of luxury fashion house Elisabetta Franchi.

As was once said, Georgina has to pay at least 100,000 euros every time she goes out in public or goes to a popular event. Also, it costs a lot for Ronaldo’s girlfriend to take part in advertising projects for many big brands.

Georgina just signed a deal with Elisabetta Franchi, an Italian fashion brand.

To get the beautiful woman born in 1994 to be the company’s first global face, the luxury fashion brand based in Bologna had to spend up to €400,000, not counting any extra fees. Attend events for the launch of new collections.

And yet, Georgina also made a lot of noise in the first part of the movie “I am Georgina,” which was first shown on Netflix more than a year ago.

The documentary’s early success helped Ronaldo’s girlfriend make a lot of money, which is estimated to be in the millions of euros.

Even though IMDb only gave the movie a score of 4/10, the movie was still a financial success.

Ben Kew, a journalist, once said, “The film may not be great from a cinematic point of view, but at least it answers the questions of fans, especially Ronaldo fans.”

After operating costs are taken out, Georgina thinks that the support team will bring in a few hundred thousand euros per month.

Georgina can buy Ronaldo expensive birthday gifts like a Rolls-Royce or a Mercedes G-Class with her own money.

Georgina is aware that becoming Ronaldo’s girlfriend will bring her many opportunities, so she always strives to develop herself

Georgina works hard to make more money, but she also makes sure to take care of herself and her family. She still works out at the gym every day for a certain amount of time, which helps her body look better and better. Of course, Georgina’s top priority is still taking care of the family and the kids, which Ronaldo’s previous girlfriends could never do.

Before she met Ronaldo, Georgina worked as a fashion sales consultant for a Gucci store in Madrid and made less than 300 euros a week.

But the chance meeting “Cinderella” Georgina had in the summer of 2017 changed her life in every way.

Because she came from a poor family, Georgina says she will never be happy with her fame and money.

She will always remember the hard time she went through, which will help her value Ronaldo’s love for her even more and keep pushing herself to grow.

“People sometimes call me “mistletoe” because I’m close to Ronaldo, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m so happy to be dating him. I love Ronaldo a lot and feel this way about him. I’m lucky that happened. I also know that being his girlfriend will open up a lot of doors for me, so I work hard every day. I’m happy with how things are now. I’ve found a good balance between work, my personal life, and my family life “. Georgina took turns.

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