The Argentine star is widely regarded as the greatest-ever footballer of all time. Lionel Messi, a legendary football player and world champion, has been covering various parts of his body with tattoos made of ink for a significant amount of time. Messi looked up to his former colleague Dani Alves, who is famous for having tattoos covering his entire body. Messi considers Alves to be a role model.

According to reports, Messi initially feared the discomfort of getting a tattoo, so he sent his wife Antonella to get one done first. When he got his first tattoo, there was no going back after that. There was no going back.

A remarkable assortment of tattoos covers the back, arms, and legs of the player in this version of the game. Every one of his tattoos has a significant significance for him. Read on to learn more about the meanings behind some of Lionel Messi’s tattoos.

1.Mother’s Portrait

He wanted to permanently demonstrate his love and admiration for his mother, so he got a tattoo of her face on his back. His mother, Celia, and his brother, Matias, are the ones in charge of running the Leo Messi Foundation, the charitable trust that he formed in 2007 to help underprivileged children and adolescents.


On the day he became a father for the first time, November 2, 2012, Messi got a tattoo of his newborn son Thiago’s handprints on his leg. Thiago was Messi’s first child.


Messi had yet another needle procedure in order to be able to devote his undivided attention and care to his newly born son Thiago. In the beginning, there were rumors that the hands represented “Maradona’s Hand of God.” However, he debunked those rumors by getting his son Thiago’s name tattooed inside the handprints, which demonstrated that the handprints are, in fact, his son’s handprints. This proved that the hands do not represent “Maradona’s Hand of God.”

4.Football tattoo

Messi’s early involvement in the sport, which included playing with his brothers and cousins, was the flame that ignited his enthusiasm for football. Because he was so dedicated to achieving his goals, he was able to accomplish whatever he did. Because football was his one and only love, he decided to commemorate it with a tattoo on his calf inthe form of a football. He wanted to convey his admiration and feelings for the sport.


This football legend has a tattoo of Jesus’ visage with a crown of thorns on his right arm. This tattoo both expresses and honors Messi’s religious convictions.

6.‘Lotus’ Tattoo

We all know that Messi is from Rosario, a little city in Argentina. His Lotus tattoo on his bicep further demonstrates how he is the epitome of a rags-to-riches tale.

7.Rose Window

The Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona served as the inspiration for the “rose window” tattoo that dominates this football star’s sleeve.

8.King Crown

For his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, who has a matching tattoo on her right arm, Messi received the “King Crown” tattoo. The pair each have tattoos of the king and queen’s crowns on their bodies.

9.Antonella Eye

Messi got his wife Antonella’s eye tattooed on his bicep. Since 2008, Messi has been dating Antonella, who has known him ever since he was five years old.

10.Giant Clock

Messi has timepiece cogs all over his right forearm in addition to a huge clock. This exemplifies the idea that a person’s time is the most important resource he or she will ever own.

11.Timepiece Cogs

The tattoos of clock cogs are seen as a constant reminder of the passage of time and frequently express the desire to focus on the now rather than the past or the future.


Messi had a tattoo representing his birthplace, Rosario, in the shape of a rosary. The initial idea, according to Messi’s tattoo artist Roberto Lopez, was to create a rosary that conveyed the events of his life through various imagery.

13.Map of South America and Europe

His right arm bears a tattoo that reads “Map of South America and Europe,” albeit its exact position is unknown.

14. 10

Lionel Messi‘s jersey number for the “FC Barcelona” and “Argentina National Football” teams is 10. Messi had a dagger with feathers and flowers on its full sleeve earlier, but he eventually concealed it.

15.Dagger with Wings

Messi previously got a tattoo of a dagger with wings that was surrounded by a rose motif. All of this caused him to hide his left leg’s tattoos. Just his son’s name, the handprints, the number 10, and the football tattoo are actually displayed.


Messi tattooed the dates of birth of his three sons & his wife Antonella within the paw prints of his eldest child Thiago on his left leg. The birthdates of Thiago, Mateo, Ciro, and his wife Antonella are November 2, 2012, September 11, 2015, March 10, 2018, and February 26, 1988, respectively.

17.Kissing Lips

His wife Antonella’s lips are shown in the tattoo of the kissing lips. After over ten years of relationship, the couple got married in 2017. They started dating in 2008.


On September 11, 2015, Messi had Mateo, the name of his second son, tattooed on his arm. Messi and Antonella, Mateo’s parents, got married on June 30, 2017, following the birth of Mateo.

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