Casemiro has been getting a lot of flak because of his team’s slow start in the Premier League 2022/23. But the Brazilian player slowly showed what he was worth when he helped Manchester United go a long time without losing and win the League Cup. The former Real Madrid star is not only a key player in the middle of the field, but he also knows how to get his teammates to work hard and earn the love of Manchester United fans.

But Casemiro‘s problem was that he couldn’t keep up his form in his first season in England. In recent weeks, Manchester United has had a string of bad games, and the Brazilian player didn’t play well. Not only has the tight schedule hurt MU, but it has also hurt Casemiro a lot.

Short of breath.

After Casemiro was sent off in a 0-0 draw with Southampton on March 12, things started to change. After that, the Brazilian player was banned for four games. In the quarterfinals of the Europa League, the former Real star played badly in both games against Sevilla. Casemiro‘s luck did not improve in the FA Cup semifinals. He didn’t help MU beat the other team during regular time, so they had to wait until the penalty shootout to win.

Coach Erik ten Hag said this about Casemiro’s drop in performance: “No one can play well in every game. Casemiro is still a very good soccer player. The ban, on the other hand, slows down the pace of the game. He’s feeling it.”

Goal said that Casemiro was too busy because the plan was so tight. The defender played more than 40 games a year during his six years with Real. But Casemiro is not in full shape right now. In February, the player from Brazil turned 31. Casemiro faces a tough task when he has to play 90 minutes in 3 games in a week.

In the 2-2 draw with Tottenham on April 28, Casemiro only made one good tackle and let three Spurs players pass. The former Real Madrid star also lost the ball 15 times and only won 1 of 4 arguments.

The break in the middle of the season for the World Cup in 2022 didn’t help Casemiro. It took him almost a month to get back on track, and he had to play 4 games for Brazil during that time.

“The plan is making me feel bad,” Casemiro said in April, “I had to play a lot of games, so every ball was less good and the action was less intense.” “That’s why the club needs a strong team.”

The lack of depth in the team, especially in the center midfield spot, was shown by MU. When Marcel Sabitzer was added to the team in January, coach Erik ten Hag had more choices. But important playmaker Christian Eriksen has been hurt and has missed a lot of “Red Devils” games since the beginning of the year.

When Casemiro played with Scott McTominay or Fred, it didn’t help MU beat the other team. The former Real Madrid star still works hard on the field, but Goal thinks that because of all the other players, Casemiro isn’t as important as he was a few months ago.

Taking on too many responsibilities.

In fact, MU relies too much on Casemiro’s skills. Marcus Rashford can keep scoring, and Bruno Fernandes is the team’s best player, but it is Casemiro who helps the “Red Devils” play in a balanced way.

When Casemiro wasn’t there, MU didn’t play well. People think that the “Red Devils” team is easy to beat if the other team plays well and has good game control. At the time, Manchester United didn’t have a center leader like the former Real star.

When Casemiro wasn’t able to shine, MU became weaker right away. This season, Manchester United’s three worst losses were by scores of 0-4 to Brentford, 3-6 to Manchester City, and 0-7 to Liverpool. He didn’t show up for the fight with Brentford. Casemiro didn’t come off the bench for Man City until the game was already over. When they played Liverpool, he and Fred were completely outmatched in the middle of the field, and they fell apart quickly in the second half.

“It was the worst game Casemiro had at United,” former defender Jamie Carragher said on Sky Sports, “He can’t even make a good tackle.” “This also shows that Casemiro is too important to MU.”

To help Casemiro, MU needs a lot of other people to do well. The Brazilian playmaker was once the “talisman” of the “Red Devils,” but the pressure of carrying the team sometimes got to be too much for the former Real Madrid star.

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