Karim Benzema is unquestionably the king of drip in football, and he has an outfit for every occasion. If you want to look good after a lockdown, you can take a lot of style cues from him.

Footballers have a long history of having poor fashion sense. Despite the staggering pay, it seems that having good taste in clothing has never really been a priority. However, things are altering now that players are more aware of different cultures. Pogba and Lingard’s dancing feet in the Premier League are always decked out in the newest streetwear sneakers. Few men are more revered for their sense of style in Italy, and in fact, the entire world, than the great Andrea Pirlo.

Footballers no longer top every list of the world’s worst dressed people. Instead, they are featured in publications where the main subjects of conversation are their fashion sense, newest timepiece, or preferred runway attire. Footballing celebrities now frequently appear in fashion shows, drawing attention to their outfits. Some have impressed us with their streetwear and flair for the newest trends. Others have impressed us with well-tailored clothing that would make 007 envious.

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid’s longtime talisman, stands out in front of the pack with perfectly chosen attire and unmatched influence. If he’s found it difficult to establish himself as Los Blancos’ leading man, he’s had no such issues with his sense of style.

And there is no one better to emulate than him if you want to draw attention this summer. These are Benzema’s fashion tips to remember:

1.Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

First lesson: keep things straightforward. Keep it simple when trying to impress. No whistles or bells. Instead, choose understated pieces, select appropriate accessories, and wear them with assurance.

Benzema keeps it tidy, from the single gold chain to the untied (we assume intentional?) shoes.

2.Cargo pants are a must-have

Cargo pants are arguably the most adaptable type of pants. Although you shouldn’t wear cargo pants to a wedding, they are appropriate for almost all occasions and not just for adding style. They have gained enormous popularity in recent years, and style icons like Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky have been spotted wearing a pair on a regular basis.

If they are adequate for them, they must also be adequate for you.

3.Printed T-shirts are the way to go

Sometimes all you need is a statement t-shirt to spruce up an ensemble. But not the kind that will land you in jail. You can’t go wrong by selecting a straightforward image that has cultural significance. While the rest of your outfit will still need to be carefully chosen, you are already halfway there with a printed t-shirt.

4.Pay attention to colour coordination

As they say, the devil is always in the details. So it’s crucial that you pay attention to them, along with everything else, but be careful not to overdo it. There’s a fine line between matching your phone case to every color in your wardrobe and matching your shoelaces to your outfit.

5.Out with the skinny, in with the baggy

The popularity of slim and skinny fits is fading away gradually but surely. In either case? We’ll let you handle that. However, choose a slightly roomier pair of trousers/joggers/jeans than usual to stay in step with the style kings. As Benzema has shown, if done correctly, the outcomes can be spectacular.

Manchester City believes Real Madrid are winning Jude Bellingham race

Football Insider says that Manchester City thinks Real Madrid will beat out the other teams for the chance to sign Jude Bellingham. They are still in the running to sign a Borussia Dortmund star who has scored 14 goals. But it looks more and more likely that the playmaker will move to Spain.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team only adds a few missing bits during each transfer window. They have done this for a few years now, and it could keep happening into the summer. The coach needs a new midfielder and maybe other players for other spots as well.

It’s important for Manchester City to get a playmaker because Ilkay Gundogan could leave. The German, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, seems most likely to go to Barcelona. Under Guardiola, the 32-year-old was one of the most important players, and the club was seriously considering Jude Bellingham as the best player to replace him.

Manchester City has been interested in Bellingham since they knew the 14-goal star would leave Borussia Dortmund this summer. Liverpool was thought to be the best team for a long time. But because of how much the player was worth, the Merseysiders gave up the chase. In reality, only a few teams can fight for a player that expensive. Dortmund allegedly wanted €150 million for their 14-goal star, and Manchester City may be one of only two or three teams that can pay that much for a single player.

Also among them is Real Madrid. And right now, they are a long way ahead of the other teams in the race for the England international. Media sources say that the Spanish giants have reached a deal with Bellingham on personal terms, but they haven’t reached a deal with Dortmund yet.

Manchester City is ready to give up because they think Bellingham will sign with Real Madrid in the summer. They are still in the running, so if anything goes wrong with the deal from here on out, they could still win. They have already started looking for other options, and Romeo Lavia, a former player,is one of the stars they are looking at.

Guardiola seemed to want Bellingham because he thought he could help his team. Man City is likely to win three titles before the end of the season, so there aren’t many players who could make the team better. The 14-goal star would have been a great replacement for Gundogan for the Premier League winners.


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