Luka Modric is one of Real Madrid’s most important players, but not much is known about his personal life. The one-time winner of the Ballon d’Or likes to keep his mind on sports. He is married to Vanja Bosnic, who is 37 years old, and they have three children together.

When they moved to Madrid in 2012, they moved to La Moraleja, where a lot of his friends already lived. Informalia says that the player has moved out of his old home and into a new one in the same area. The new house is more modern than the old one, and it cost him about €12 million.

The new house is 10,000 square meters, and 2,700 of those are for the house itself, which has nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Most of the house can be lived in on one floor, which has a kitchen, a bathroom, six bedrooms, and a large living room. People will stay on the second floor, which has a great view of the yard. Also, there is a beautiful movie theater with 18 seats.

There is also a glass wine cellar and an 80-meter-long room with swings, a TV, and a climbing wall for kids. There is also a room for massages, a modern gym, and a shed that can fit 10 cars. A separate apartment with two rooms, a bathroom, and a sitting room is also part of the house. Outside, thereis a huge garden, a swimming pool, padel courts, and a crossfit course. They got the house through Promora, a company that buys and rents homes in Madrid’s most expensive and upscale neighborhoods.

Gareth Bale not interested in a return to football, says agent.

Barnett said that Bale “no longer wants to play football.” When Sky Sports asked Barnett about his client’s offers, he said, “He’s flattered by them, but they’re all in jest.” He has a great life right now, which he deserves because he was possibly the best British footballer ever.

“He’s taking a well-earned break right now. Reynolds and McElhenney haven’t talked to me. They may have talked to Gareth, but Gareth doesn’t want to play football anymore. He’s had a great job and a lot of fun, but now he’s living a great life.

“The most important thing is that he is with his family. He wants to spend a lot of time with his kids, so that’s what he does,” Barnett said. “He had been talking about it for a long time, and he thought it was time.

“He has done everything he set out to do. He played for Wales at the World Cup, which is what he really wanted to do, but I think he knew his body wasn’t up to it anymore. In the past few years, he’s had trouble with his body, but now he’s a different person.” Wrexham co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have both reportedly asked Bale to come out of retirement.

Bale shared a short video to McElhenney’s Twitter in which he said, “Hi Rob, I’m really proud of what you’ve done. I just wanted to congratulate you on your promotion and everything you do at Wrexham.”

After Bale congratulated the club on its success, McElhenney wrote on: “Hey @GarethBale11, let’s play golf, where I won’t spend 4 hours trying to get you to come out of retirement for one last magical season.”

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