After moving to Manchester in the summer, the talented winger is already creating a name for himself at Old Trafford.

On Instagram, Antony’s huge collection of tattoos’ newest additions were visible to fans.

With three Premier League goals, he has already proven that he is worth the £85.5 million he cost United from Ajax. The Brazilian is displaying his variety of new tattoos while also demonstrating his flair for the theatrical off the field.

Only a few days after being called up to Brazil’s World Cup roster, Antony can be seen being inked up in his Instagram story. The celebrity is naked as a tattoo artist adds to the impressive body of work already on his arms.

Then, in a subsequent article, he displays his fresh creations.

The word “shhh…” that he had scrawled down the side of his forefinger is the most striking. If Antony puts his finger to his lips after scoring, it will give his celebration even more flair. On the back of his left arm, he also had the year “2014” and a fist drawn in stunning purple ink.

And Antony had “123…” along the length of his right knuckle and the word “iluminado” along his neck, which translates as “illuminated” in English.

The 22-year-old previously explained to Manchester United’s website the reason behind his tattoos and particularly the picture of the lion on one of his arms.

He said: “I’ve got this one together with mybrother, which says ‘only those from the same place know what I’ve been through. This one on my neck is a chain pendant and the full sleeve has meaning.”

He added in the September interview that he planned to get even more ink in the future. Antony has missed United’s last few games with injury but will be hoping to return for their final pre-World Cup game away at Fulham on Sunday.

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