After he quit football too soon in 2016, at the age of 31, the Liverpool hard-man chose to make money doing what he loved and needed to do: tattoos and poop. The Danish defender, who is now the head coach at HB Køge, went to school to become a tattoo artist. He is now part of TatTatodo, which is one of the largest tattoo shops in the world.

Agger, who is now 38, started a business in 2013 called KloAgger. He put £450,000 into the business, which runs sewage systems in his home country of Denmark.

So how did they decide what to call it? KloAgger translates to ‘Agger toilet’.

Agger works with the company often, but his younger brother Marco and their friend Rune Rasmussen run the day-to-day business.

Inked-up Agger cares more about his tattoos.

His first job was as a 15-year-old young player for the Danish club Brøndby, where he stayed until the end of his career.

“I was about 15 and on a school trip to Paris,” Agger said in an interview on the TatTatodo website. “I had never thought about it before. Me and a friend went into the store, told the clerk what we wanted, and got it. I’m still holding on to it.”

But it has grown a lot, and now he has tattoos on almost every part of his body.

On his back is a Viking graveyard, on his calves are love hearts, and all over his body are Latin proverbs and the names of his family members.

“I see it as one piece,” said the professional tattoo artist. “When I talk to people about my tattoo, I talk about it as one piece, but every tattoo has a story, and some are better than others.”

One of the more recent ones is the letters “YNWA” written on his fingers. “YNWA” is an acronym for “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which is Anfield’s song.

“Timing was quite good,” Agger said. “There were a lot of rumors about moving me to another club for a lot of money, but I knew I was staying.

“I wanted to show the football world that, and this was one way I could do it.”

Agger did leave Liverpool in 2014, and he played for Brøndby for two years before ending his career sooner than planned.

Agger took painkillers to get through his career because of his back problems, but he thinks that they were his end. He told Jyllands-Posten, “I’ve taken too many painkillers in my career.”

“I know that, and it stinks, but I stopped it in the end. This doesn’t help me in any way, but I can only hope that it helps other players.

“It’s possible that some people take one or two less pills.”

Since Agger became a manager, he hasn’t had as much time to pursue his love for tattooing.

In March 2021, he and his former international teammate Lars Jacobsen took over as coaches of HB Køge of the First Division.

Last season, Agger led his team to a seventh-place finish.

But he is sure to be angry with his team today after FC Fredericia beat them 6-1 at the weekend.

Daniel Agger‘s amazing tattoos explained as he pays ultimate Liverpool tribute
Today marks 15 years since Liverpool signed Daniel Agger, a youngDanish defender.

He went on to become a big fan favorite at Liverpool, where he played for eight and a half years. Tattoos were always a big deal for Agger, and they were often on display during games.

But after he quit football at age 31 in 2016, the former defender took his love of art to a new level.

At this point, Agger was already a trained tattoo artist, so he went on to start the world brand Tattoodo.

When Agger was 15, he got his first tattoo on a school trip to Paris. This made me fall in love with body art and want to do it for the rest of my life.

In 2014, when the center back went back to Brøndby, he was seen giving a club fan a tattoo. More recently, he posted a picture of himself tattooing a Liver Bird on the foot of a Liverpool fan.

He has not only been getting tattoos for other people, but he has also been adding to his own unique and large collection.

Here, we look at a few of Agger’s most important tattoos.


This one had to come first.

It might be Agger’s most well-known scar.

The Denmark-born player was linked to a multimillion-pound move away from Liverpool in the summer of 2012. However, he knew in his heart that Liverpool was his home, so he got the letters “YNWA” (You’ll Never Walk Alone) tattooed on his fingers to put an end to the rumors.

2.Liver Birds

Four years after getting his famous YNWA tattoo, Agger added two Liver Birds to the same hand to show his love for both the club and the city.

3.Mom and Dad

The 35-year-old has tattoos that honor both of his parents.

On his right and left legs, the words “Mom” and “Dad” are written inside hearts. Both hearts have a flower-covered dagger in the middle.

4.Pain is temporary

Due to injuries and pain that was too much to handle, he had to quit early. This tattoo was a reminder to him while he was playing that pain is only temporary.

On his right ankle, it says “Pain is temporary,” and on the opposite Achilles tendon, it says “Victory is forever.”


Agger‘s big necklace on his chest was one of his most noticeable tattoos for a long time.

Even though the pendant is now surrounded by newer ink, it can still be seen and is a tribute to his two boys. It says “Jamie ’09 Mason ’12” on the inside of the ring, which shows both the names and the years of birth.

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