Cristiano Ronaldo’s talent and hard work have made him one of the greatest footballers in the world. In addition to income from football, advertising contracts as well as profits from business investments have helped CR7 become one of the richest players in the world.

The Portuguese celebrity is well-known for his habit of frequently purchasing things of luxury, like watches, supercars, private jets, and even boats, in order to provide for his family while they are traveling.

The Azimut-Grande 27, Cristiano Ronaldo’s boat, may be purchased for $7m and features a variety of opulent amenities. He frequently uploads on social networks photos and videos of himself having fun aboard the yacht.

Before buying a yacht worth $7 million in 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo has a yacht charter called Africa I with 6 cabins for 12 guests. According to Insider, the yacht rental price is 239,500 USD per week.

Carbon fiber, which has the properties of reducing weight while increasing surface area, was used in the construction of the yacht that Ronaldo purchased. According to the information provided by Azimut Yachts, the yacht has a maximum speed of 51 kilometers per hour, measures 6.59 meters in width, and has an overall length of 26.78 meters.

The interior of the boat is exquisitely designed and tastefully equipped to the point that it is conducive to a pleasant experience for a family looking to spend quality time together. This house has 5 large bedrooms and 6 complete bathrooms for its occupants to use. In addition to that, the boat possesses two lengthy chambers, each of which has a dining table in the adjacent area, making it an excellent choice for hosting private dinner parties.

According to Daily Star, the kitchen is equipped with modern appliances. The yacht also has an open bar and sunbathing area located right next to it. The owner’s cabin is located on the main deck of the yacht and has windows on all sides that extend the view around.

The Azimut-Grande 27 is built to the most stringent marine industry standards and has earned CE Class A and NMMa certifications, ensuring compliance with two essential safety regulations as a result of its construction. SeaStar Solutions’ Optimus electronic power steering system is installed on the yacht. SeaStar Solutions developed this technology.

Yachts can improve their top speed while also lowering their overall fuel consumption if they are equipped with active wind deflection control. The youngsters of CR7 are shown here enjoying a day trip with their family.

With his partner and kids, Cristiano Ronaldo set sail on the Azimut-Grande 27 yacht for the first time in 2020 off the Mediterranean Sea’s Tyrrhenian coast.

Ronaldo enjoys sailing and frequentlytravels with this opulent boat. The majority of CR7’s time while representing Juventus was spent on the stunning beaches. The football legend and his family spent time on the yacht during the Covid-19 pandemic break, away from the public’s gaze.

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