The name Eduardo Camavinga is being mentioned a lot, when becoming the first player to step on the catwalk for the Balenciaga fashion house. This is a prime example of the close connection between football and fashion.

With what shows impressively in the Real Madrid shirt, Eduardo Camavinga is considered one of the promising faces of the Royal team.

And backstage, Camavinga has just scored a new milestone when becoming the first player to step on the catwalk for the fashion giant Balenciaga. This is really admirable, the young French star is only 20 years old this year.

Participating in Paris fashion week, Camavinga immediately attracted attention because he appeared as a model of the Balenciaga brand, not the audience. Therefore, this event has caused a stir with many people, especially the enthusiastic fans of Real Madrid.

Even more amazing when Camavinga struts on the catwalk with celebrities like Kim KardashianNicole Kidman or Dua Lipa… With bravery and confidence, Camavinga has a performance that is not inferior to professional models Karma. Wearing a black jacket and flared pants, Camavinga strode comfortably in front of the camera.

Kim Kardashian joined Camavinga on the catwalk.

Singer Dua Lipa added some colour into proceedings with this offering.

American model Bella Hadid also strutted her stuff.

Camavinga was delighted to be a part of Balenciaga‘s performance. Through Instagram, Camavinga excitedly shared many clips, from practicing to striding on the catwalk.

Besides, Camavinga also shared a photo of the gift he received from Balenciaga. If you pay close attention, you can see that Camavinga is an ardent fan of the fashion field. That is clearly shown by the fact that Camavinga wears clothes that look quite good showing his fashion sense.

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