Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, has revealed why she briefly stopped dating the Portugal and Al-Nassr superstar.

According to the Argentine model, she stopped her relationship with the football icon due to her late father’s sudden cardiac arrest.
Their relationship once stopped after she endured a hard time after her late father, Jorge, suffered a severe stroke in 2016.

Speaking on her Netflix series “I Am Georgina”, Rodriguez shed light on her tough time seven years ago.

“Cristiano had a lot of games, the thing with my father also happened then. I was a little absent, well I was sad and one day, we ran into each other at another event and he asked me for dinner… I thought: ‘Finally, my chance has come,” she said via Daily Post.

The former Juventus goal machine had earlier confirmed that the duo took a brief break from their relationship.

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