1000 Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is an incredible mom of two boys she shares with her ex-husband, Michael Halterman. They called their marriage off after almost four years of their marriage, and he filed for divorce in February 2023. The ex-couple also has an ongoing custody battle for their two boys- Gage and Glenn. Merely months after the split, Amy Slaton is reportedly dating someone new. He was recently spotted in her latest YouTube video. Did this TLC star just soft-launch her new boyfriend? Continue reading to have another scoop!

1000 Lb Sisters: Did Amy Slaton Soft Launch Her New Man?

1000 Lb Sisters fans have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of next season! While waiting patiently for the reveal of the news about another season filled with fun and drama featuring Tammy and Amy’s life, fans have recently been curious about the latter’s love life. Like other reality TV stars, she often greets her fans with the latest life updates. Amy shared a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago.

It was a compilation video of her youngest child, Glenn’s first birthday celebration. Besides sharing the fun and delight of the little boy’s birthday dinner, Amy was overheard calling a new man ‘Daddy.’ However, she did not make her relationship official. But she quickly paced to turn the comments off of her YouTube upload when her fans brought it to her notice.

Besides that, Amy even captured him in the video and greeted him, followed by handing him the camera to record her and her sons as they blew the candles. Reportedly, his name is Tony Rodgers and he is from Michigan. He has moved to Kentucky for past three months to live with the 1000 Lb Sisters star and her sons. An insider revealed to TheSun that Amy and Tony’s relationship is growing stronger as they spend a lot of time with her kids. They shared that things between them turned serious, and they planned on moving in together.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Does Not Approve Of Amy’s New Man!

As Amy is getting serious with Tony, her elder sister Tammy does not approve of him. It was brought to the notice that Amy and her boyfriend repeatedly indulged in fights ever since they moved in together. They even shared that while Tony was living in Michigan, Tammy would accompany Amy to visit Tony and witness various explosive conversations. Reports reveal that during their last visit to Michigan, the new couple was involved in heated arguments that they missed various turns.

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Besides, being unhappy with Amy’s new boyfriend, Tammy even complains that all Tony does is enjoy life with her sister’s hard-earned money. Despite all this, Amy seems to have been happy with her new man. After understanding Tammy’s worries for her younger sister, are you also concerned for Amy?

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