Tammy Slaton is in love herself these days. A lot has changed in her life during the past few months. However, the reality TV star is grateful for shedding a huge amount of weight. The 1000 Lb Sisters star surprised everyone when she appeared without a wheelchair and trachea tube. Later, she started flaunting her massive weight loss. Tammy had been working hard to reach exactly half of her size, and she did it! Now she weighs 334 Lbs and leads a healthy life. Although she lost her husband along the way, she is determined to continue being healthy. Now, it appears that she has worked on resisting her cravings for unhealthy food. Recently, Tammy cooked some delicious food for everyone but didn’t have a bit. Here’s why!

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Flaunts Her Cooking Skills With Fans On Social Media!

Embracing her life is something Tammy Slaton is doing happily. Initially, fans were concerned that she might get back to her old unhealthy habits after Caleb’s death. But she stayed strong to prove that nothing can stop her now. Nowadays, the 1000 Lb Sisters star is indulging in different activities to move on from the tragedy. She has involved herself a lot on social media and started interacting with fans more. Lately, Tammy showed off another milestone. On August 23, Tammy posted a picture of some mouthwatering food with her fans. She added pictures of a large variety of items such as chicken, baked dishes topped with grated cheese, mac n cheese, and a lot more.

Tammy stated, “Even though I can’t eat much, it doesn’t mean my family shouldn’t eat well.” Also, the reality TV celeb was happy to show off her cooking skills finally. Further, she also requested the 1000 Lb Sisters fans to just call her Chef TT or Chef Tam Tam. She was happy to show off her skills to fans and feed her family with yummy food. Fans praised Tammy for her efforts in the comment section. One fan noted that she made the chicken and dumplings just like his family. Moreover, a different fan pointed out, “You had me with the picture of green bean potato and salt pork” with heart emojis. 

1000 Lb Sisters: Fan Reveals The True Progress Of Tammy With A Full-Size Picture!

Tammy has been receiving a lot of love and praise for her tremendous journey. She weighed over 600 Lbs when she joined the show and reached a whopping weight of 715 Lbs. However, she had a wake-up call during COVID-19 pandemic when she was hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. But the 1000 Lb Sisters star shocked everyone with her massive transformation. Tammy now weighs almost half of her size, and fans want to see her achieve more.

1000 Lb Sisters

Recently, a fan revealed Tammy’s true progress with a new picture. A fan posted a picture with the celeb after meeting her. Well, viewers were excited to see the full-size picture of the TLC star. She was looking thinner than ever in it. Tammy was looking like a woman of average size and not someone with obesity.

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