LPBW fans have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming season and are curious to know what it will have to offer. But till then, Tori keeps her viewers updated and never disappoints them as well. She always shares clips and pictures of her family and entertains her viewers. Amid all this, recently, the matrairch took to Instagram and revealed that she was in Canada now. Fans were in shock when Tori disclosed that she didn’t bring her three toddlers along with her! Why is she in Canada? What is this couple up to now? Are they filming in Canada?

LPBW: Why Are Zach & Tori In Canada Without Their Kids?

Fans love watching Zach and Tori’s family on screen. Over the years, they have got a massive fan following, and they follow her on social media just to get daily updates. Apparently, for now, the network hasn’t renewed LPBW for another season. So, the couple’s social media presence is the only source that helps the audience in knowing what is happening in their lives. Hence, recently, Tori took to Instagram and made a shocking announcement. Fans were surprised to know that she was traveling to Canada without her kids!


Tori posted a carousel of stories with many clips and pictures on Instagram. She revealed that she was in Canada with her husband now. In one of the videos, Zach was driving while his wife happily disclosed that she didn’t bring Lilah, Jackson, and Josiah along with them. The LPBW matrairch claimed that she was “kid-less” this time, and there was no need to visit zoos and parks now. Tori revealed that she would be visiting a place named “Gondola” as well. She even posted a picture with Zach while they stood in front of a scenic view of “Sea To Sky Gondola.” Fans loved the fact that the couple was giving each other some quality time and were putting effort into their marriage even after having three kids.

LPBW: Zach & Tori Are Filming For The Finale Season?

Zach and Tori have thrown many hints in the past that they are filming for another season of their family show. There have been numerous instances when LPBW fans spotted the camera crew and mics installed in various pictures and clips. Though the network hasn’t announced another season, fans are sure that the couple is filming for it. However, amid all this, viewers have now started to wonder if Tori and Zach are soon planning to leave their family show. Some eagle-eyed users have noticed some hints that pointed out the same.

Little People Big World LPBW

As per the current scenario, Tori has started to take her career seriously. Though she has three toddlers, she is trying to balance everything together. Recently, the celeb revealed that she has collaborated with the LTK platform. Well, it is taking her influencing game to another level. Not only this, but Tori often teams up with brands and advertises their products as well. On the other hand, Zach is building a shop that would surely have an impact on his income. Hence, fans were quick to notice that the couple had been busy hoarding money. Perhaps they are trying to make themselves financially independent before leaving their show.

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