As assured, OutDaughtered Season 9 is filled to the brim with even more fun, drama, and chaos. Adam and Danielle Busby already had their hands full with their personal and professional responsibilities. But, he tried hard to further increase the fun element in their lives. Adam planned a family camping trip, which was surrounded by chaos both ahead and after the adventure. The couple struggled to get on the same page after their latest date night. Read further to learn more about what happened in to Adam and Danielle’s camping trip that was featured in the recently aired episode!

OutDaughtered: Bubsy Fam Splits Up, Chaos Ensues

Adam and Danielle’s cute cooking class date from last week’s episode for her 39th birthday took a quick turn. Well, her husband was unable to understand her exercising struggles because of her health issues. The bitterness from the previous episode continued in the new one when the Busby family patriarch suggested a camping trip with all their daughters. The girls looked overjoyed with their father’s plan but his wife was not happy. She does not like camping. Danielle eventually agreed to go on the family adventure on one condition: that she would be glamping.

While talking to the camera, Adam soon shared that he want Danielle to enjoy their family adventure. This is because things have not been good between them since their cooking class date. The trip’s planning was soon accompanied by trouble when the dates of Blayke’s first school dance clashed with the date when they planned to leave for the family adventure. Adam and Danielle then agreed on the “divide and conquer” policy for Blayke did not want to miss her special event. Thus, Daddy Busby took quints to visit his parents while Danielle took her eldest daughter for her dance.

Adam and Danielel then planned on meeting at the campsite the next day. After reaching the campsite, early he discovered that his wife’s “glamping” tent was filled with bugs. He quickly cleaned the tent but it was certainly not the type of fun he was expecting on the camping trip. The chaos rose further when Danielle and Blayke joined them at the campsite. Adam made a vain attempt with his girls to catch the fish for dinner, which was soon followed by him losing his calm. Mama Busby laughed at the situation and later accepted that her husband was putting in a lot of effort.

OutDaughtered: Busby Girls Are Back In School!

All the OutDaughtered girls have grown up. Even the quints are not babies anymore. Though it seemed like yesterday when Adam and Danielle Busby introduced their five little munchkins to work through this TLC show. Now, the Busby quints are already third graders. While their elder sister Blayke Busby, is now a seventh grader. Danielle Busby recently took to her Instagram to share a few pictures from her girls’ first day at school.

While expressing her excitement, Danielle shared that her quints have started their third grade while her eldest daughter has started her seventh grade. She even added that all her girls are growing so fast. The proud mom then concluded her caption by praying for a smooth and safe year for her daughters. Do you agree that Busby girls are growing up fast?

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