The dynamics of the Brown family have changed drastically in the past few years. Christine’s decision to leave Kody Brown was the beginning of the family breakup. Soon, Janelle and Meri announced their separation from the patriarch, too. Now fans want the two Sister Wives stars to find love again, just like Christine. Meri Brown has been struggling hard to move on. She often posts about self-love and inspirational posts on social media. The reality TV celeb has been busy these days with events and interviews for the current season. Well, Meri sparked rumors about her mystery man in a recent post. Who is he?

Sister Wives: Meri Sparks Dating Rumors With Jon-David Crawford!

Meri Brown had a hard time moving on from her separation from Kody. She took the bold step of leaving him after over a decade of struggles in their marriage. Now, she is spending all her time relaxing and moving on from the toxic relationship. Also, she has been managing her family’s Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The Sister Wives star has made tremendous changes to the heritage property to keep it running. Meri has recently accepted that she is ready for another relationship. But she wants a man who understands and loves her completely.

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As per the looks, Meri is looking for a partner who isn’t like her ex-husband. Now, Sister Wives fans have been hoping for her to find love again. Now, it appears that the reality TV celeb has soft-launched her mystery man, Jon-David Crawford, in a new post. Although she didn’t announce him as her partner, fans are guessing that they are dating. According to Meaww, Meri’s mystery man is a business owner from Hawaii. His LinkedIn profile suggests that he runs Destination Dance Hawaii.

Further, Crawford completed his degree in Science (management) from the University of Phoenix. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from the University of Hawaii-West, Oahu, too. Now, fans will have to wait more to know if they are together or not.  

Sister Wives: Meri Introduces Her Mystery Man On Social Media!

Meri Brown has become more vocal about what she has been doing and what she wants. She keeps her fans in the loop about her recent happenings. However, her latest post on social media has stirred new rumors. In it, she added a picture with a mystery man. Meri revealed that her favorite moment from the weekend was hanging out with her favorite people in the caption. Also, she said, “This guy is kind, genuine, and authentic, a true friend,” to express her excitement. The Sister Wives star went on to say that if one doesn’t have the humans in life who have their back no matter what, then they should get one.

The former first wife, Meri, ended her post by saying, “See you on your stomping grounds next.” She tagged the mystery guy in the caption, but his profile is private. All fans could find was that his name was Jon David Crawford. Hence, her fans have started hoping that they are more than just friends. 

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