Sister Wives has gained a massive fan following in the last 13 years. Its first episode aired on September 26, 2010, and introduced the Browns to the world. Since then, the audience has been engaged in the storylines of Kody and his four wives. Indeed, the show documented one of the most controversial moments accompanied by wholesome and real emotions as well. Amid all this, fans were taken aback when they got to know that the Browns possibly won’t be returning for another edition. In fact, Season 18 might be their last one!

Sister Wives: Is The Show Coming To An End?

Over the years, fans have formed an emotional bond with Sister Wives. They, too, shed tears when the stars cry and smile when they are happy. Hence, these 13 years have definitely created a strong connection between fans and the Browns. They were the happiest when they got to know about Season 18 and eagerly waited for the same. But viewers were unaware that this could be the last edition of the franchise, and they would never be able to watch the Browns again! Lately, the latest season has been featuring Kody’s most real emotions, accompanied by Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn.

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While fans were busy enjoying the unlimited drama of Sister Wives Season 18, a source revealed to Thesun it’s “practically guaranteed” that this could be the last edition of the franchise. Apparently, Christine’s spinoff also aired on the same day. So the insider claimed that this was simply a “test to see fan’s reaction.” TLC actually wants to notice if the viewers are really determined to watch Christine and Janelle’s spinoff.

So, if that happens to be the case, there is a fair chance that the network would discontinue Sister Wives and perhaps focus on a spinoff featuring just Janelle and Christine. This indeed was shocking for the viewers who never expected this show to end.

Sister Wives Will End If Kody Doesn’t Get Another Wife?

The basic storyline of Sister Wives revolved around Kody and his ‘polygamous’ life with Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Their dynamics were new and unique for the viewers, and the show ended up gathering significant attention because of the same. But over the years, the basic storyline of the franchise has ended because of three consecutive divorces. Apparently, Kody is no longer a polygamist and is living an ordinary life with Robyn in a monogamous marriage. Hence, there is a fair chance that these three splits would affect the paycheck of Kody!

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Recently, the source revealed that there is one condition through which TLC can renew the show for more seasons. It will happen when Kody gets another wife! The insider stated, “If he can find a new wife and keep his story going,” it further added, “there will be more Sister Wives seasons.” This made the viewers wonder if Kody would think of going back to polygamy for the sake of money. Apparently, he has already admitted that he now wants to live a monogamous life with Robyn and won’t be walking down the aisle again.

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