Welcome To Plathville will soon premiere on TLC with a new season. So, fans are excited to know more about what’s happening in the lives of the cast members recently. Moriah Plath has been turning heads for her interesting storyline in the Season 5 preview. Well, she has also returned to social media before the first episode. Fans remember how her ex-boyfriend broke her heart after cheating on her. Now, it appears that Moriah’s ex, Max Kallschmidt, has made a new announcement. Well, he’s getting married!

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Finally Proposed New Girlfriend For Marriage!

Moriah Plath had a breakdown when she first got to know about her boyfriend’s cheating. She was head over heels in love with her partner when she first introduced him to fans in 2020. The Welcome To Plathville celeb was the first one to break the strict rules of the Welcome to Plathville family. She went for modeling against everyone’s wishes and also started dating. However, Moriah’s life fell apart when she got to know the truth about Max. Although he is not on the show anymore, fans still want to know about his updates. Now, it appears that he is dating another woman now. On August 23, Max posted some wholesome pictures of his engagement announcement with someone by the name of McKayle.

The former Welcome To Plathville star Max added a picture while kneeling in front of his fiancé and kissing each other. They flaunted their engagement rings in various pictures. He explained how he was looking for a grand vision of what his life would look like. Moreover, Max also added that he has tried many things over the short term of his life, but he never felt “talented” and “natural.” Moreover, Kallschmidt gushed over his fiance for guiding him as a loving best friend. Further, he has been looking forward to being a part of his stepdaughter Esther’s life and gave a shout-out to her family for loving him dearly. He ended the post by expressing his excitement to be McKayle’s husband soon. 

Welcome To Plathville: Fans React To The Engagement Of Moriah’s Ex!

Max debuted in Welcome to Plathville series after he started dating Moriah. They received a lot of love for their chemistry on the show. However, their relationship ended after her boyfriend made a mistake. They parted ways and started living their new life. But fans still have ill feelings for Kallschmidt for breaking Moriah’s heart. Max’s engagement with his new girlfriend grabbed the viewer’s attention quickly. Some of them were not impressed with the big news. They even warned his new girlfriend, McKayle, in the comment section, saying that she should not trust him.

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Also, they explained that Max cheated on Moriah. However, his fans came to support him and congratulated him on the big news. Several trolls threw shade at him. But his supporters said that he, too, deserved to live a happy life. Well, viewers were wondering if Moriah would react to the news or if she would stay tight-lipped. Anyways, the new couple is excited to marry each other.

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