Mckayla Adkins grabbed viewers’ attention with her impressive storyline on TLC Unexpected. She entered the show with Caelan Morrison. Fans loved to see the couple on the screens with their non-stop drama and controversies. Adkins gave birth to two kids and showcased the journey of motherhood on TV. She made her exit from the show after accusing TLC of making her uncomfortable during the filming. Recently, she had her third baby with her new partner Ethan Tenney. However, the couple has been spreading rumors about their breakup for a long time. Finally, McKayla confirmed the news. Know the details!

TLC Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Spills Details Of Her Divorce With Ethan Tenney!

TLC Unexpected celeb McKayla received immense love from the followers on the show. She started her journey a few years back and became quite popular. However, fans still like to know about her updates even when she left the show. She likes sharing life details with fans often on her social media. The reality TV celeb had hinted at rumors about divorcing her second husband. Previously, McKayla was selling her engagement ring for a few bucks only. Hence, fans started to specul ate that she must be getting a divorce. But she kept mum and didn’t make any formal announcement. Also, she stopped using Ethan’s surname on the various social media profiles. Now, it appears that Adkins is ready to make it official.

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According to Tvshowsace, Adkins has confirmed the rumors with her new Instagram story. Recently, she started an AMA session requesting followers to ask her something since she was bored. Several TLC Unexpected fans were looking forward to her addressing her relationship status. McKayla shared a question from her fan asking, “When did you know it was time to call it quits with your significant other?” The reality TV celeb shared her response, confirming that it was mutual. Also, she added, “You just know when the relationship can’t be recovered.” Now, fans are hoping that she will find her true love again. 

TLC Unexpected: McKayla Reveals Her New Professional Path Amid Divorce!

Young reality star Mckayla Adkins is known for her bold choices. She loves experimenting with her looks and never feels afraid to share about them. She has started living her life to the fullest again despite being a mom to three kids. Previously, she got a nose job to fix it. However, the reality TV celeb wasn’t very happy with the results. Hence, she decided to get another one. So, the TLC Unexpected celeb went for a second nose job. McKayla organized an AMA session with her fans recently to clear their queries.

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In it, she was discussing her fears regarding the nose job results. However, one fan pointed to a picture in which she was wearing an apron. The fan asked if she was wearing a hairstylist’s apron. The former star confirmed that she was in a cosmetology school. Well, fans know how much she loves experimenting with her looks. Adkins has tried several hair colors and styles in the past and perfectly nailed it.

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