Tammy’s weight loss journey was never easy. She joined TLC’s show 1000 Lb Sisters weighing a whopping 600 Lbs in hopes of reducing it. However, her journey was full of bumps, and she encountered some scary moments as well. Tammy reached her worst at 714 Lbs and lost all hopes of getting better. Finally, she went to a rehab facility in Ohio after an emergency hospitalization. Tammy started showing impressive weight loss ever since she joined the rehab facility. Moreover, she didn’t lose her patience and finally followed a strict diet to reach half her size. The TV star has been celebrating her massive transformation these days. See, how she looks now!

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Shows Off Her Curves As She Displays Her New Body Size!

TV star Tammy Slaton has grown closer to the audience ever since her massive transformation. Previously, she needed people’s help to do even the most common tasks such as walking and bathing. Amy always stood by her sister to assist her during the bad times. But she had a wake-up call when her body shut down last year. Tammy was in a medically-induced coma and lost all chances to recover. Moreover, even her lungs stopped working and she was on a ventilator. But the reality TV celeb experienced a miracle when she started healing. Now the 1000 Lb Sisters star has come ahead in her journey. Tammy is loving her new slim look and never fails to share her happiness with fans. Recently, she flaunted her physique on social media.

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On August, 25, Tammy uploaded her full-body selfie to reveal the huge transformation. She posed in front of a bathroom mirror in a black knee-length top and camouflage pants. She captured her new body size while turning herself to the side. So, 1000 Lb Sisters fans couldn’t control expressing their happiness about her undeniable progress. One fan noted, “She’s made progress, it’ll be great if she could get skin removal surgery.” Meanwhile, another pointed out how Tammy inspired them, and they reached 200 pounds from 407 pounds by watching her journey. Further, a different user claimed that Tam-tam looked snatched in the new picture.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Makes Her Fans Proud For Resisting Unhealthy Food!

Tammy’s weight loss journey inspired many others. She has proved to everyone how one can control one’s cravings and unhealthy habits for impressive results. The 1000 Lb Sisters fans know how much she was into junk food and unhealthy habits. Finally, Slaton has learned the way to tackle her cravings. Recently, she uploaded a picture of some delicious meals. The TLC star claimed that she fed her family with all the yummy food without wanting a bite of it.

1000 lb sisters

Well, Tammy turned went into chef mode to show off her cooking skills to fans. Hence, they were happy to see that she finally learned to control herself. Also, a fan noted, “You had me with the picture of green bean potato and salt pork.” Do you think Tammy will shed more weight with her dedication?

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