The trembling polygamous relationship of the Brown family is common knowledge. The previous season of Sister Wives featured the split of Kody and his third wife, Christine. But the currently airing season 18 will unveil a lot more chaos and trouble in their paradise. We will witness a lot between the aftermath of Kody and Christine’s divorce, followed by the falling apart of Janelle’s and Kody’s marriage. In the preview of the upcoming episode, Janelle opened up to her BFF about her marital issues. Herein, she said that she is not sure to put in extra work to salvage her relationship. Continue reading to learn more!

Sister Wives: Janelle Talks About Marital Issues, Says Kody Is Not Worth The Work

Sister Wives star Christine makes a return to Flagstaff in the preview of the August 27 episode after she moved to Utah. She visits Janelle’s new apartment, where the latter talks about the issues in her and Kody’s marriage. Janelle shared that a major chunk of these problems kicked off when most of their children moved out.

Apparently, she is clueless about what must be done. This is because he is desperate to get respect from their children, who believe that they owe nothing to him. While talking to the cameras, Kody’s second wife shared that she will not fix their relationship for their linking bond. Moreover, their children have moved out of their home.

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Janelle continued to express that Kody had changed a lot and that she was not sure if he was truly worth it. She then mentioned that he and Robyn are using their family problems as the new excuse to keep their family apart, while they chose Covid-19 precautions as the excuse earlier. The reality TV celeb added that Kody was brewing anger for her repeatedly demanding respect from their kids. In spite of all these troubles, Janelle did not plan on calling it quits with Kody at that time.

Sister Wives: Why Did Kody Demand Respect?

Kody’s growling urge for respect was pointed toward his and Janelle’s kids, Garrison and Gabriel. During the peak of COVID-19, despite their dad’s strict rule, both these boys continued with their professional lives outside their home and social life. Kody took t his as disrespect, and this ultimately tampered with their bond. Gabriel even accused his father of ruining their family with his absurd Covid-19 rules. One time, Kody even suggested his second wife, Janelle, to throw their son Garrison out of their homejust because he felt disrespected.

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The brown family patriarch has also updated Sister Wives viewers about his bond with sons Garrison and Gabriel. During the Tell-all episode of Sister Wives Season 16, Kody revealed that he and boys were not on talking terms. He continued by admitting that they need therapy. As he understands that his boys Garrison and Gabriel are equally angry with him as he is. This father-son bond is affected till date. Additionally, we all know that Janelle finally traced her way out of her troubled relationship with Kody Brown in 2022.

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