Sister Wives star Janelle and her elder daughter Maddison are often in the headlines. They both are a part of the Plexus venture and constantly promote it together. The star kid decided to leave her family show way back and is currently busy raising her three kids. Apparently, Maddie often shares clips and pictures of her children, and fans are in love with the wholesome content she provides. Amid all this, recently, fans were left in tears of joy when they got to know about Evie’s latest achievement. Several viewers congratulated the toddler and praised Madison for the same as well. What is Evie’s milestone?

Sister Wives: Evie Achieves A Milestone! Fans Are Proud Of Her

Former Sister Wives star Madison is fans’ favorite person. Though she isn’t a part of her family show, she stays in touch with her viewers via her social media handles. The celeb kept her viewers updated regarding her daughter’s condition and the surgery she went through. Amid all this, Maddie even shared several clips and showed the progress of Evie with her prosthetic leg. Recently, she posted a video in which the star kid was riding a scooter like a pro and left fans in tears because of the ways she was positively adjusting to the dynamics.

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Recently, Madison revealed that Evie has turned four now. Apparently, she gave birth in 2019, and the star kid from Sister Wives has finally completed four years. The matrairch also shared a reel in which she added pictures from all the wholesome moments Evie had, to date. Maddie wrote a lengthy caption and revealed that her daughter has “confidence,” and she is “super smart” as well. Fans became really emotional as they have been a part of the star kid’s struggles. A user wrote, “Can’t believe she is 4 already.” Another viewer added, “She’s such a strong, beautiful, and confident little girl.”

Sister Wives: Maddison’s Daughter Had A Rare Genetic Disorder

Ex Sister Wives stars Madison and Caleb Brush’s daughter Evie has a rare genetic disorder. So, the star kid had to undergo an operation in the past. She had to get one of her feet amputated and her hands clipped as well. Amid all this, Maddie revealed that she took her daughter to a prosthetist as she wanted her to live a normal life. Hence, she decided to get a fit and perfect prosthetic leg for the toddler. Madison even shared a picture of the experts measuring Evie’s leg. It happened so that a perfect leg could be created for her.

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Maddie explained that her daughter would have to undergo multiple sessions until a perfect mold for her leg was created. Though it is a time-consuming process, fans were happy to know that the couple was trying hard to give her a normal life. The matrairch further revealed that the star kid would have to get a new prosthetic leg every six months. Maddie added that this entire experience has been a learning process for her, and she is now spreading awareness regarding the same.

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