Audrey Roloff Faces Backlash for Admitting to Poor Hygiene Habits: LPBW Fans Express Disgust!

Former Little People Big World (LPBW) star Audrey Roloff, along with her husband Jeremy Roloff and their three children, have chosen to lead a life outside the Roloff farm and away from the TLC show. Since their departure from the show, the couple has been working hard to create the life they desire. However, Audrey recently stirred controversy after admitting to not taking many showers in a week, leaving fans shocked and expressing their concerns about her hygiene.

Audrey took to her Instagram stories to share her favorite skincare and personal hygiene products with her followers. During a sit-down video from her bathroom, she showcased a citrus mint body wash by Primally Pure, highlighting its use of clean ingredients. However, she then chuckled and revealed that she doesn’t take showers frequently each week. Audrey explained that when she does shower, she enjoys the relaxation aspect, likening it to a spa experience.

Following Audrey’s hygiene confession, several LPBW fans took to Reddit to express their criticism. Some users found her admission disgusting, with one writing, “Ew, now that’s disgusting lol.” Another user mocked Audrey, pointing out that she herself doesn’t shower every day and questioned why she would recommend a product she doesn’t use regularly. Many viewers shared their grossed-out reactions to Audrey’s personal hygiene routine.

The controversy surrounding Audrey’s hygiene practices has sparked discussions among fans, further fueling the ongoing scrutiny she and Jeremy face in their lives.

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