Vannessa Cross, a popular cast member from TLC’s 1000 Lb Best Friends, has been receiving a lot of love and admiration for her impressive weight loss journey. She has become the frontrunner among her fellow cast members in terms of the amount of weight she has lost. Vannessa’s progress and dedication have been documented on the show as well as on her social media platforms. She often shares fitness tips and motivation with her fans, which has garnered a lot of praise.

In a recent Instagram post, Vannessa shared an inspirational message with her followers. The post encouraged them to work hard in silence and let the results speak for themselves. She included hashtags like “#bariatricsurgery” and “#fitnessmotivation” to emphasize her journey. Fans expressed their happiness and pride in the comments and liked the post. Some fans mentioned that they had never been so proud of a stranger before and admired Vannessa for encouraging others while excelling in her own journey. Many congratulated her on her significant weight loss.

Fans of 1000 Lb Best Friends have also been curious about the progress of Vannessa’s fellow castmates. According to Distractify, most of the cast members are still working towards their weight loss goals. Ashley Sutton underwent weight loss surgery and was featured at the end of the show’s second season. Tina Arnold, however, decided against the surgery at the last minute. Meghan Crumpler has been dedicated to both her wedding and her weight loss struggles.

While fans eagerly await the return of the show, TLC has not yet announced the airing of the upcoming season. Viewers are excited to see the progress of all the cast members and are looking forward to Season 3. The specific storylines they are most excited about may vary among fans.

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