Doubling Down With the Derricos Season 4 premiered on May 30, 2023, allowing fans to delve even deeper into the lives of Karen, Deon, and their lively family. This season was filled with excitement as a new family member joined the fold and there were significant health updates for GG. However, the season has now come to an end.

The final episode of Season 4 aired on Tuesday, August 8, showcasing the Derrico family’s collective dance performance and highlighting the way dance brings them closer together. Additionally, the episode included a significant update on GG’s battle with cancer. Unfortunately, the Derrico family’s special guest was unable to join them for the holiday festivities.

Fans who wish to revisit any episodes from the first four seasons can find them on-demand on discovery+. The latest episodes were added to the streaming service’s library towards the end of Season 4.

As for the future of the series, it remains unclear whether Doubling Down With the Derricos will be renewed for a fifth season. TLC has not yet announced a renewal but has also not confirmed the cancellation of the show.

Fans eagerly await news of a potential new season, given the abundance of events unfolding in the Derrico family’s lives. With the children growing and developing their own interests, and Karen and Deon navigating the challenges of parenthood and entrepreneurship, there is certainly enough content for another season. TLC typically announces renewals about a month before the new season premieres, as there are numerous factors involved in contracts, filming, scheduling, and production.

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