In the Season 18 premiere of Sister Wives, viewers were left disappointed with the amount of time dedicated to flashbacks instead of new and engaging drama. The same issue persisted in episode 2, with one particular segment, the ear piercing storyline, being criticized for its excessive length. Fans made their frustration known across various platforms.

The Brown family’s faith does not promote ear piercings, yet when Kody Brown met his last three wives, they already had their ears pierced. Robyn Brown, in her thirties at the time, agreed to remove her piercings if it would make Kody less of a “Christmas Grinch.” Kody’s perspective on earrings started shifting when the family started their jewelry business. It was assumed that all the girls waited until they turned eighteen to get their ears pierced. However, in the August 27th episode, Kody was shown taking his daughter Aurora to get her ears pierced.

While the father-daughter bonding moment was significant, fans felt that the segment dragged on for too long. It delved into the entire history of piercings within the Sister Wives family, explored why Aurora waited, why she was allowed to go, where Robyn was, and more. Viewers took to Twitter to express their frustration, and fans in a Sister Wives Facebook group also voiced their concerns, criticizing the show for spending too much time on the ear piercing topic.

Some fans commented that the show seemed desperate for content and that it was going downhill. They suggested that the focus should shift away from the family’s COVID-19 concerns and instead focus on more engaging and dramatic storylines. Viewers expressed their desire to see Janelle Brown confront Kody and show her frustration, highlighting the favoritism they perceive in his interactions with his children.

Fans made it clear that they wanted the show to cut down on filler content and provide more of the drama and excitement they craved. They called on TLC to listen to their feedback and deliver the content that would keep viewers engaged and satisfied.

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