Tammy and Amy Slaton, known for their appearances on the show 1000 Lb Sisters, have had a significant impact on many viewers. Starting at weights of around 600 lbs and 400 lbs respectively, the sisters have made remarkable progress in their weight loss journeys. Fans have eagerly awaited their return to the show, having last seen them during Tammy’s wedding to Caleb. However, their marriage ended after just five months, leading to estrangement between the couple. With the anticipation building for the upcoming season, fans have been speculating about what to expect.

Tammy previously mentioned that there will be a Part 2 for Season 4, which has further fueled fans’ curiosity. She explained that her wedding was a two-part event and needed to be divided accordingly. The reality TV celebrity also confirmed that filming for the show has concluded. As a result, viewers are now eager to find out what the upcoming season will bring.

Tammy’s life took a dramatic turn after her short-lived marriage to Caleb in November of the previous year. She later held a memorial service for her husband, attended by the entire cast and TLC crew. Cameras surrounded Tammy, capturing her emotional moments during the event. There have been reports of Tammy criticizing TLC for allegedly exploiting her husband’s death by creating a more somber atmosphere. It remains uncertain if this segment will be featured in the show. Despite her grief, Tammy has shown incredible weight loss progress in recent months. Additionally, the Slaton family embarked on a trip to Florida, during which a family dispute occurred. Tammy has also shared details about her dating life, which might become part of the show. Fans will have to wait for the premiere to see how the lives of the cast members unfold.

As fans eagerly await the premiere of Season 4 Part 2, they are also left wondering if TLC will continue filming the show beyond the upcoming season. Tammy has expressed her desire to become a model and inspire plus-size women, leading to speculation about the show’s future. However, considering TLC’s track record, which rarely involves canceling successful shows in a short period, it is unlikely that they will cancel 1000 Lb Sisters without a compelling reason. Even if Tammy does not appear in future seasons, the rest of her family will likely continue to be featured.

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