Chantel Everett has addressed the allegations that her sister Winter Everett was the mystery woman with whom Asuelu Pulaa cheated on Kalani Faagata. Asuelu alongside his wife Kalani are part of the new spin off show 90 Day: The Last Resort, a couples’ therapy series in which five of the most popular franchise couples gather at a Florida resort to expose their dirty laundry. The real reason Kalani and Asuelu were there was adultery, admitted by both Kalani and Asuelu. Kalani said that Asuelu had cheated on her, and she discovered this by looking at Asuelu’s tongue, which had gone white due to a yeast infection. When challenged, Asuelu admitted to kissing a woman and having or@l s*x with her.

On the show, they kept saying that Asuelu got an “oral yeast infection” from the woman he slept with, but the reality is that the Samoan got Herpe$ from her, since having a white tongue is a symptom of herpe$.

Back in April 2023, the rumors started about Asuelu hooking up with Chantel’s sister Winter while cheating on his wife. The reality tv cast members were filmed partying and sexy dancing together in the club with Chantel, River, Jovi, Yara and other close friends.
Winter however, denied the rumors and stated that Asuelu isn’t even her type. Then last week, Chantel offered a sharp retort to these rumors. She shared in her Instagram story a screenshot of an article in which Winter stated that she was vexed by the rumors of her dating Asuelu, and then added as a caption to the post: “Word on the curb is that Winter is responsible for Asuelu’s white tongue situation. This was filmed end of December and I can’t remember when their dating rumors started this article was from April”.

On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani mentioned that Asuelu was in Samoa to meet his father when he cheated. It was also in Somoa where he got the “oral yeast infection”, so it can’t be Winter who gave him that. This all implies that the woman with whom he cheated on Kalani is a local. Kalani isn’t ready to expose the woman and reveal her identity to the public. She counseled the woman to bury the secret and not reveal herself because the internet is a cruel place. Asuelu is also keeping quiet about the situation because he may have moved on and is likely dating other people after he finished filming for the new spinoff show.

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