Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, beloved stars of Little People Big World, have captivated fans with their undeniable chemistry. After Amy’s divorce from Matt Roloff, she shared her journey of finding love again on the show. Amy and Chris’s relationship blossomed, leading them to tie the knot in a grand farm wedding in August 2021. Following their nuptials, they announced that they were living in their own house in Hillsboro, Oregon, providing fans with a glimpse into their lavish home.

The couple’s house, which was initially valued at $589,000, has seen an increase in worth to $823,000. Spanning 3,767 square feet, the property features four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The standout feature of Amy and Chris’s home is its open concept design, offering ample space for a bonus room or loft. The kitchen is particularly striking, serving as the backdrop for Amy’s cooking videos with its gourmet amenities and a combination of black countertops and light-colored wooden shelves and cupboards.

The couple’s patio is fully covered and their backyard is fenced, providing privacy and a secure outdoor space. The garage is attached and faces the street. Additionally, the house boasts central cooling and features a combination of carpeted and laminated hardwood flooring.

Although Amy and Chris have been residing in their Hillsboro home for some time, there have been discussions about their potential plans to move. Chris, being involved in real estate, is motivated to find the best properties for himself and his wife. During an “Ask Anything” session, Amy shared that they were considering a move, potentially within Oregon. Amy’s daughter-in-law, Tori, also mentioned the idea of Amy moving closer to her and her husband, Zach, and their children in Washington. While no final decision has been made, Amy expressed her openness to the possibility, as she searches for an ideal property.

Fans of Little People Big World have been intrigued by Amy and Chris’s current Oregon house and await any updates on their potential future moves.

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