As OutDaughtered Season 9 approaches its finale, TLC has treated fans to a couple of special sneak peeks, leaving viewers eager to see how this chapter of the Busby family’s journey will conclude. The details of what’s to come in the season finale and when it will air have been revealed, so read on to find out.

Although the show has not yet been officially renewed for another season, behind-the-scenes glimpses shared by the family indicate that filming is already underway. Fans are hopeful that TLC will soon announce the series renewal and provide a premiere date for the next season.

In one preview released by TLC, Adam Busby takes his daughters on a memorable outing to a father-daughter dance. The quintuplets excitedly dress up for the special occasion and even enjoy a ride in a pink limousine. As they descend the stairs to meet their father, who sports a cowboy hat and boots, the girls proudly follow suit with their own cowgirl boots. Adam is overjoyed by their stunning dresses and affectionately kisses each of them on the head, surprising them with flowers.

Adam considers the pink limo as the “icing on the cake” for their evening. The girls are thrilled by the sight of the luxurious vehicle and are in awe of its interior. The clip showcases the heartwarming moments of Adam taking his daughters to the father-daughter dance, building anticipation for the season finale.

In another clip shared on TLC’s Facebook page, the Busby quintuplets – Ava, Riley, Olivia, Parker, and Hazel – celebrate an exciting milestone: the 100th day of school. For this occasion, the girls have the opportunity to dress up as if they were 100 years old, embracing their inner “old ladies.”

Adam and Danielle add to the fun by inflating walkers and canes, and the girls complete their transformation with gray wigs and glasses. They joyfully engage in role-play, using phrases like “get off my lawn” and fully embracing the spirit of being centenarians. The girls attend school dressed in pajamas and robes, creating a memorable and entertaining celebration.

With the OutDaughtered Season 9 finale airing tonight, fans are eagerly anticipating the conclusion of this season’s journey for the Busby family. As for the show’s future, viewers can only speculate on whether it will return for another season, but the ongoing filming suggests positive prospects for the series.

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