Based on the information provided and the discussions among fans, it appears that there are hints suggesting that Trent Johnston, star of 7 Little Johnstons, may have lost his job as a car salesman at Riverside Ford in Macon, Georgia. Fans have noticed that Trent has not posted on his Instagram page since April 2023, where he used to showcase his job and cars he sold. Additionally, fans discovered that he is no longer listed on the staff page of the Riverside Ford website.

However, neither Trent nor any other family members have made any public statements about his employment status or the reasons behind it. It is possible that he may address the issue in the future, especially if fans inquire about it. If the show returns for another season, it is also possible that Trent’s job situation may become a storyline.

Without official confirmation or additional information, it is unclear whether Trent lost his job, decided to quit, or sought employment at a different location. Fans will have to wait for any updates from Trent or the show to know more about his current job status.

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