Whitney Way Thore, star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” made the decision to film her mother Babs’ funeral, despite it being an uncomfortable and heartbreaking situation for the family. The choice to film the funeral was met with mixed reactions, with some disagreeing while others understood the Thore family’s reasoning behind it. Babs was an integral part of the show and had become like a mother figure to many viewers, which influenced the family’s decision. Fans expressed appreciation for the family sharing this private and special moment with the world.

Whitney Way Thore spoke to E! News about why they chose to film such a significant moment. It was revealed that filming did not take place at the time of Babs’ passing eight months ago. The family was given the option to decide whether they wanted the funeral to be filmed. Whitney discussed the matter with her father, Glenn, to understand his perspective. Glenn immediately agreed to the filming, explaining that Babs was loved publicly, and he wanted her to be mourned publicly. He compared her to figures like Princess Diana and the Queen of England. Whitney also noted that many people loved Babs as if she were their own mother, which contributed to the decision.

The upcoming Season 11 of the show will delve into the aftermath of Babs’ passing and the impact it has on Whitney Way Thore and her father. As they both navigate the loss, Whitney and her brother encourage their father to live his best life, leading him to make the decision to meet his long-lost daughter. This has been a decades-long journey, and it presents a significant development in filling the void left by Babs. The season will explore how this unfolds and its effects on the family dynamics.

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