Fans of the show “OutDaughtered” are expressing their concerns and frustration regarding a recent episode that featured the potty-training process of the Busby girls. As the Busby family has been on TLC for nine seasons, viewers have witnessed the girls, including Blayke, Hazel, Ava, Olivia, Riley, and Parker, grow up. While some fans found the potty-training segment entertaining and relatable, others believe that TLC crossed a line by showcasing what they consider to be a gross and cringey topic involving the girls.

Fans on Reddit have expressed their discomfort with the episode, referring to it as “poor taste” and questioning how the girls will feel about it when they are older. Some fans feel that such private moments should not have been shown on television, as not everyone wanted to hear the girls’ bathroom talk or witness this aspect of their lives.

It’s important to note that fans also follow the Busby family on social media platforms, where they get glimpses into their intimate lives. Therefore, some fans acknowledge that TLC may not be solely responsible for sharing these moments.

The backlash from fans extends beyond the potty-training episode, with some expressing dissatisfaction with the way Adam and Danielle Busby treat each other and finding the show to have become boring. While there are still viewers who enjoy the show, others are questioning how much longer it will continue.

Ultimately, the debate arises from differing perspectives, with some fans believing that certain aspects of the Busby family’s private lives should not be shown on TV, while others see it as a natural part of their reality show experience.

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