Fans of “OutDaughtered” are expressing their outrage and disappointment with the newest season of the show featuring the Busby family. Viewers have taken to online platforms, such as Reddit, to discuss their feelings about the recent episodes and share their criticisms. The primary source of outrage stems from the deteriorating relationship between Adam and Danielle Busby, which fans perceive as them becoming snappy and not getting along well.

Fans have expressed their dislike for Adam’s treatment of Danielle, referring to him as a “jerk” and expressing concern about their strained dynamic. Some viewers predict a future season that mirrors the current season of “Sister Wives,” where the family falls apart. There is a general sentiment among fans that there may be more to the story and that the Busbys are not being their authentic selves on the show. Some viewers even speculate that the series is scripted and that TLC is manufacturing drama for higher ratings.

In addition to the dissatisfaction with the Busbys’ relationship, fans are also expressing boredom with the show. They find the current season less entertaining compared to when the children were younger. Some fans have stated that they can’t bring themselves to watch another episode due to the lack of excitement, referring to the show as “boring.” There is a growing sentiment among followers that they may not continue watching future seasons if the show continues in its current direction.

Although the Busbys have hinted at ongoing filming, TLC has not made an official announcement or confirmed a premiere date for future seasons. However, it is evident that a significant portion of the fanbase will be unhappy if the show returns after the current season concludes.

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