Christine and Janelle Brown recently spoke out about the perceived discord among their children, shedding light on the reality of the situation. While there have been implications of a disconnect among the eighteen kids, the former sister wives offer a different perspective.

Robyn Brown has often expressed her desire for a harmonious family dynamic, envisioning herself and her sister wives watching their children and grandchildren play together on the porch, much like the ladies at their church. However, she claims that this dream has been shattered, alleging that her five children have been separated from the other kids, causing emotional pain. But according to Christine and Janelle, the discord portrayed on “Sister Wives” is not entirely accurate, at least when it comes to the children. While there may be challenges among the adults, the kids are doing their best to make things work.

In a recent episode of Season 18, the eldest child, Logan Brown, even attempted to organize a gift exchange among the kids. However, complications arose when Robyn became involved, leading to a messy situation and lingering feelings of frustration. Now, Christine and Janelle are addressing their children’s relationships and dynamics in an interview with People magazine.

Firstly, it is revealed that none of their children have an interest in living a polygamous lifestyle. Nevertheless, Janelle shares that she and Kody had a vision of raising their children together as siblings and attempted to live in one house for as long as possible, until it became impractical. The dream of a united family was deeply cherished by Janelle and Kody.

Furthermore, Janelle assures that there are no problems between the children, including Robyn’s kids. They all interact and view each other as siblings. Janelle maintains that her relationship with the children remains consistent, as she interacts with them as she always has.

However, the real discord seems to lie among the adults. While the children are capable of getting along, the relationships between Robyn, Meri, and Kody are more cordial than deeply connected. Janelle and Christine, on the other hand, continue to maintain a close bond, considering themselves sister wives.

Christine acknowledges that things are not perfect in their relationships at the moment but expresses hope that they can improve in the future. It seems that while the adults may be experiencing challenges, the children are still able to navigate their relationships and maintain a sense of unity.

As the season progresses, viewers will likely witness the complexities and dynamics within the Brown family unfold, shedding further light on the intricacies of their relationships.

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