Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on the show “1000-Lb Sisters,” has undergone a remarkable weight loss journey. From her starting weight of 717lbs, she has made significant progress, leaving fans astonished. Recently, Tammy revealed her current clothing size, leaving fans in awe of her incredible transformation.

Dr. Eric Smith, a prominent figure in Tammy’s weight loss journey, has been vocal about his admiration for her determination and strength. Responding to a TikTok video comparing Tammy’s past and present sizes, he emphasized the importance of never giving up on patients. His words resonated with fans who continue to follow Tammy’s progress on TikTok.

Tammy’s weight loss has become increasingly evident through her TikTok videos and fan selfies. Nowadays, her appearance is unrecognizable compared to her previous self. Fans no longer need to compare her to others to gauge her size reduction; it is visible and remarkable. In a recent video, Tammy surprised her followers by revealing her actual clothing size.

In a video highlighted by Monsters and Critics, Tammy showcased a colorful outfit, including black and purple plaid pants, a black t-shirt, a long-sleeved denim shirt, and gray flat canvas shoes. She expressed her desire to become a model for plus-sized women once the show concludes, fueling rumors that Season 4 might be its last. While celebrating her progress, Tammy also paid tribute to her late husband, Caleb Willingham, acknowledging his absence.

Tammy’s TikTok caption accompanying the video revealed her incredible achievement: “From wearing 8xl in clothes to a 2xl.” The significant drop in size left her followers impressed and inspired. Comments poured in, praising her remarkable progress and expressing admiration for her journey

Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey has captivated fans who have witnessed her incredible transformation. From her initial weight of 717lbs, she has made remarkable strides, leading to a drastic reduction in her clothing size. As she continues to share her progress on social media, Tammy’s inspiring story serves as a beacon of hope for others on their own weight loss journeys

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