Grief and Sympathy – A healing hug for those suffering loss of any kind. This website extends its deepest condolences to Whitney Way Thore, the star of the TV show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” following the sudden loss of her mother in December. Whitney is experiencing alarming side effects from this overwhelming grief and has taken to Instagram to update her fans on how she is coping.

Unexpected Loss of Whitney Way Thore’s Mother

In early December, Whitney Way Thore shared the devastating news on Instagram that her mother, Barbara, had passed away. Despite her mother’s battle with cerebral amyloid angiopathy, the loss came as a shock to Whitney and her family. She has expressed gratitude for the support and sympathy shown by her fans during this challenging time.

The Toll of Profound Sorrow

Whitney recently visited her mother’s mausoleum for the first time since the funeral, and she candidly shared her struggles with her Instagram followers. One particular symptom of grief caught her off guard. Astonishingly, Whitney revealed that she had completely forgotten about visiting her mother’s grave on multiple occasions since December, only realizing it when her father reminded her. She had no recollection of those events, which deeply alarmed her.

Upon being reminded, specific memories of meeting a teenager during her visit on Mother’s Day resurfaced. Whitney found herself questioning, “Does grief erase your memory?” She expressed her disbelief at fully believing that she hadn’t been there since December. It was a bewildering experience for her.

Is This Normal?

Whitney Way Thore is now coming to terms with the effects that the loss of her mother has had on her mind and body. sheds light on the phenomenon of memory loss during complicated grief. Studies have shown that individuals experiencing such grief may struggle to remember everyday things while retaining crystal-clear memories associated with their lost loved one. The website strongly emphasizes the importance of seeking help if one identifies with this symptom, as it can help prevent serious complications. By raising awareness about this issue, Whitney Way Thore is contributing to a better understanding of the complexities of grief and encouraging others to seek the necessary support.

Whitney Way Thore’s journey through grief following the sudden loss of her mother has brought forth unexpected challenges, including memory loss. As she shares her experiences with her fans, she highlights the importance of seeking assistance and support during the grieving process. By shedding light on this topic, Whitney Way Thore is helping others realize that memory loss can be a normal part of grieving and encouraging them to prioritize their well-being by seeking professional help

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