Amanda Halterman, known for her role on the reality TV show “1000-Lb. Sisters,” is currently going through a difficult time as tragedy strikes her family. Alongside her sister, Misty Slaton, Amanda has been beloved by fans for their funny and silly antics, often leaving viewers wanting more screen time or even a spin-off show. However, the recent events unfolding in Amanda’s life are no laughing matter. Read on for more details about the challenges she is facing and her plea for prayers.

The previous season of “1000-Lb. Sisters” was tough for Amanda Halterman as she witnessed her younger sister, Tammy Slaton, struggle to achieve her weight loss goals in order to qualify for surgery. It was a challenging journey filled with ups and downs. Meanwhile, Tammy’s home was robbed, leaving her feeling hopeless. Despite the difficulties, Tammy eventually achieved her weight goal with the support of her sisters, underwent surgery, found love, and made significant progress in her weight loss journey. Throughout it all, Amanda was there, providing support and encouragement. Meanwhile, Amanda herself was navigating a divorce and working on improving her own life.

Amanda Halterman recently took to Instagram to share some heartbreaking news. She posted a picture of a positive at-home COVID-19 test, revealing that her family had been affected by the virus. In the caption, the mother of four asked for prayers, indicating that the situation was serious. In the following slide, Amanda appeared lying in bed, visibly unwell. Her eyes were barely open, her face flushed, and her lips swollen and red, indicating the severity of her illness.

As soon as Amanda shared the news, her followers reached out with questions, recommendations, and, most importantly, prayers. Given that Amanda works as a bus driver, one follower expressed empathy, acknowledging the increased risk due to the virus circulating in schools. Others shared light-hearted comments, joking about their initial thoughts when seeing positive test results. Many followers could relate to Amanda’s situation, having experienced the impact of COVID-19 themselves.

While Amanda Halterman is facing personal challenges, fans can expect to see more of her on the upcoming season of “1000-Lb. Sisters.” Recent filming for the show suggests that viewers will witness Amanda’s support for her sister, Amy Halterman, during her separation from her husband, Michael. Amanda has also been there for Tammy during the difficult time of her husband Caleb Willingham’s passing. With these events in store, the new season promises to be an emotional rollercoaster.

Amanda Halterman from “1000-Lb. Sisters” is currently dealing with personal tragedy as she and her family face the challenges of COVID-19. Her plea for prayers on social media has garnered an outpouring of support from followers who empathize with her situation. As fans anticipate the new season of the show, they can expect to see Amanda navigating her own life challenges while providing support to her sisters during their difficult times.

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