OutDaughtered, a popular reality TV show featuring the Busby family, has recently faced criticism from fans regarding its ninth season. Some viewers have gone as far as muting the show due to their dissatisfaction with certain aspects. Let’s delve into what has been going on with the most recent season and why fans have expressed their unhappiness.

Season 9 of OutDaughtered concluded with its recent finale, but fans continue to discuss the events that unfolded throughout the season. Many viewers have shared their feelings about the show, indicating a growing disinterest among some. Some of the complaints revolve around the perceived forced and fake storylines, while others have drawn comparisons between the chaotic lifestyle of Danielle and Adam Busby and that of Kate Gosselin.

Although TLC has not yet announced a premiere date for Season 10, hints from the Busby family suggest that the show will be returning. However, before moving on to the new season, fans are still reflecting on Season 9 and its impact.

On a Reddit thread, fans have been discussing their decision to mute the show during the most recent season. They express frustration with hearing the Busby girls, who are in third grade, continue to speak in a baby-like manner. While it may have been endearing when they were younger, fans believe it is time for the girls to speak like children rather than toddlers.

Some viewers find the excessive “baby talk” unbearable, with one user stating, “Guys, I can’t even handle it.” A few fans have resorted to muting the show and relying on subtitles. Another viewer shared their exasperation, saying, “Drives me insane. I had to mute my TV for a few minutes to take a break from it. Why wouldn’t they encourage the girls to speak in regular voices?”

Several OutDaughtered viewers place the responsibility on Adam and Danielle Busby, suggesting that they may not encourage their children to speak more clearly because the “baby talk” is seen as cute. Speculation has arisen that the parents believe the girls’ continued baby-like speech and their seeming younger age contribute to viewer entertainment.

While these Reddit users represent only a fraction of the show’s viewers, their dissatisfaction with the most recent season is evident. However, it’s important to note that despite these criticisms, OutDaughtered still retains a substantial fan base, as many people continue to watch the series.

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