Tina Arnold, known for her appearance on the reality show 1000-Lb Best Friends, has delighted fans by showcasing her impressive weight loss efforts. While Tina initially declined bariatric surgery during Season 2, she has been dedicated to achieving her goals through exercise and a healthy diet. Let’s delve into Tina’s progress and the response from fans.

During Season 2 of 1000-Lb Best Friends, Tina faced criticism from viewers when she decided to back out of bariatric surgery, despite the concerns raised by Dr. Procter and her fellow cast members. However, Tina remained resolute in her choice and was determined to achieve weight loss on her own terms.

Tina has been actively sharing her weight loss journey on her social media accounts. She frequently posts photos of herself engaging in exercise and has seen significant results. To showcase her progress, Tina recently shared a before and after photo on Instagram.

In the caption, Tina emphasized that her weight loss was achieved through exercise and eating right, without relying on surgery. She encouraged her followers to focus on celebrating progress rather than tearing others down. Many fans flooded the comments section with words of encouragement and support, applauding Tina’s achievements and condemning the negativity from some individuals.

While Tina’s weight loss progress has garnered attention, fans are also curious about her best friend Meghan Crumpler’s journey. Meghan hasn’t provided updates on her weight loss recently, but she did share that she got a new tattoo, with artwork inspired by Tina’s daughter. Fans hope that in Season 3, if Tina and Meghan are still living together, they can continue to inspire and support each other.

Opinions on Tina’s weight loss strategy vary among fans. The majority of her followers have expressed admiration for her determination and progress, commending her for achieving results without surgery. They encourage her to ignore the negative comments and continue on her path. However, there are some who still believe that she should have pursued the surgery during Season 2.

Ultimately, the most important aspect is that Tina is making positive changes and working towards her goals in a way that feels right for her. Fans will likely continue to support her as she progresses on her weight loss journey.

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