In the latest episode of Sister Wives Season 18, Christine Brown, one of the wives, was actively engaged on her Instagram while the episode aired. A fan noticed this and decided to ask Christine directly if she was watching the show with her fiancé, David. Surprisingly, Christine responded to the comment, leaving fans excited and curious. Let’s delve into the details of her response and why fans found it intriguing.

During the airing of the new episode, Christine took to Instagram to draw attention to a specific commercial that was ironically related to her. In response to her post, a fan asked in a comment with over 2.2K likes if Christine was watching Sister Wives with David by her side.

To everyone’s surprise, Christine was the first to reply to the comment. She enthusiastically confirmed that she was indeed watching the new episode. Adding a dramatic pause, she put periods after her first two words and ended her response with an exclamation point.

Christine’s response garnered over 6K likes, and fans loved the image of her curled up with David, enjoying the show while witnessing Kody’s struggles. However, it also left fans with more questions. They wondered if watching episodes of Sister Wives was something Christine did regularly, considering that many of Kody Brown’s adult children have confessed that they don’t watch the show.

Fans speculated whether Christine’s newfound interest in watching the show was prompted by the recent turmoil in Kody’s life or if her fiancé was a fan of the series and she was watching it for him.

Regardless of the reasons, fans were thrilled with Christine’s response to the fan’s question, finding it refreshing and exciting to envision her enjoying the show alongside her fiancé, David.

As the season progresses, viewers can expect more updates and insights into the lives of the Sister Wives cast, providing further opportunities for fans to engage and speculate about their favorite characters.

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