Meri Brown, one of the wives from the reality show Sister Wives, has finally acknowledged that she feels like the “third wheel” in the dynamic between her husband Kody Brown and his only remaining wife, Robyn. Meri expressed her feelings during a discussion about the upcoming festive season with Robyn and Kody. Let’s delve into her reasoning and the implications of this realization.

Meri’s position within the family changed after Christine, one of the other wives, left Kody. Janelle, another wife, revealed that she might have stayed if Christine hadn’t left first. This shift in dynamics made it clear to Janelle that it was time for her to walk away. However, Meri struggled to grasp this change fully.

On social media, Meri often presents herself as working towards success and happiness, emphasizing that she won’t allow herself to be confined by the “cage” Kody put her in. However, her portrayal on the TLC show suggests a different reality, leading some fans to accuse her of merely playing the role of the least favored wife. Nevertheless, her current situation appears to be genuine, as Kody has told her to pack her things and leave. In a preview for an upcoming episode, Meri referred to herself as a “third wheel.”

In a preview shared by ET for the upcoming episode, Robyn and Kody were seen discussing their situation with Leon’s mom. From Meri’s perspective, it appeared that Kody hadn’t yet moved her to Parowan, Utah, where he resides. Meri expressed her feelings, saying, “I’m like the third wheel because I’m just here. I don’t know what to do.” She mentioned that both Christine and Janelle had left, and since she and Kody don’t share a home, she felt that if people visited her, she would be the one being visited rather than being seen as part of a unit with Kody.

Meri Brown’s realization of being the third wheel highlights the awkwardness of her current situation. With Christine and Janelle no longer in her life permanently and Robyn being the only remaining wife, Meri likely feels constantly stuck in the middle. Previously, when all the wives and children were present, she could blend in with the crowd, but now, it seems more challenging.

Fans may be surprised that it took Meri Brown so long to acknowledge and vocalize her feelings of being the third wheel within the Sister Wives dynamic. As the show progresses, viewers will likely witness how Meri navigates this realization and the impact it has on her relationships within the family.

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