As the premiere of Welcome to Plathville Season 5 approaches, TLC fans are eagerly speculating about the marital status of Ethan and Olivia Plath. Despite Olivia denying divorce rumors in the past, some fans continue to ponder whether there may be more to their relationship than meets the eye. While Olivia’s previous denial could be attributed to a non-disclosure agreement with the network, fans have picked up on certain clues that have fueled speculation.

When the show first aired on TLC, Ethan and Olivia appeared to be close, but tensions arose as his parents disapproved of Olivia. For a while, she became the hero of the show, challenging Kim and Barry Plath’s strict parenting and allowing the younger Plath children to indulge in sweet treats. However, trouble began to brew in their marriage.

Viewers witnessed Kim’s decision to ban Ethan from seeing his siblings without parental supervision, and tensions escalated further when Olivia seemingly pressured Ethan into moving to Tampa, Florida. This led to a temporary separation, and upon his return, Olivia expressed dissatisfaction with the old car he had purchased. These events sparked rumors of a potential divorce, as fans noticed a noticeable cooling in Ethan and Olivia’s relationship.

More recently, after relocating to the Minneapolis area in Minnesota, Olivia started embarking on solo trips that appeared unrelated to her work as a wedding photographer. This raised eyebrows among fans, who found it peculiar. The Sun reported that other clues suggesting a divorce were discussed on social media.

Olivia’s sister, Sophia, allegedly revealed on YouTube that Ethan and Olivia were getting divorced, although Olivia promptly dismissed this, citing a strained relationship with her sister. Nevertheless, fans pointed out that Olivia has removed all traces of her husband from her Instagram feed, which writer Caitlyn Hitt observed as yet another clue.

The lack of recent photos featuring Olivia and Ethan together is also noteworthy. Olivia did not post anything about Ethan on his birthday this year, unlike in 2022. Furthermore, in a preview for the upcoming season, Olivia turned away from the camera and stated, “I have a family that doesn’t accept me.” If this statement includes Ethan, it suggests that their marriage may have reached a breaking point.

As Welcome to Plathville Season 5 unfolds, viewers are left wondering whether the speculation surrounding Ethan and Olivia Plath’s separation and potential divorce will be confirmed. However, it is also possible that these rumors are merely part of the show’s contrived drama to entice viewers to tune in. Until the couple or the show’s producers provide official confirmation, their marital status remains uncertain.

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