Angela and Michael learned how to get frisky from afar while the other couples asked questions about how to increase penis size and leaned into self-love

Things are getting spicy on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

On Monday’s episode, the couples — Ed and Liz, Angela and Michael, Yara and Jovi, Kelly and Molly and Asuelu and Kalani — got schooled in sex education as they dealt with ups and downs in their relationships.

At the beginning of the episode, Yara and Jovi did yoga together to destress. Afterwards, they talked about their issues, specifically their disagreement on when to have a second child.

The couple are already parents to their young daughter Myla, and Yara doesn’t want to have another baby until their daughter is at least four years old. She told Jovi she’s staying on birth control.

“I hope Jovi understands that if we decide to have another baby it’s going to be on my timeline,” she said in a confessional. “It’s gonna be when my body’s ready for it. And we need to learn how to deal with our issues without one of us getting drunk or trying to divorce. So at this point I think we need to be worrying about fixing our marriage, not about growing our family.”

Jovi said he felt like he should be relieved his wife was being honest with him about being on birth control, but admitted he still had “doubts” about their marriage after she hid it from him.

“If we can’t find a way to connect and communicate, honestly, I don’t know what that means for our future,” he shared in a confessional.

Later in the episode, the cast attended a class hosted by a certified sex educator, Reba Corrine Thomas. Things started off on a rocky note when Ed made a poorly-received joke, asking “Where do babies come from?” and getting an icy reception. They also asked various questions, like how to increase penis size.
When the topic of circumcision came up, Kalani suggested Asuelu share his own story. He recounted his experience of being circumcised at 15.

“When we cut my d—, we go walk like this in the sea water,” he said, making a gesture. “And we sit down on the sea water and clap so the fish not come eat our d—.”

The couples were then asked to rank their sex lives, with the responses yielding mixed results. Asuelu ranked his and Kalani’s a “10,” but she declined to answer the question and said it felt inappropriate.

“After Asuelu cheated on me and I did what I did, we haven’t been physically intimate in any kind of way,” she admitted in a confessional. “Any time I think about him having sex, I don’t think about him having sex with me, I think about him with other people.”

Meanwhile, Kelly said he and Molly are not currently having sex, but likened them to “barbarians” back in the day. Jovi said he wanted more sex, but Yara felt it was important for him to be more romantic before engaging in intimacy.

Liz stated in front of the whole group that she preferred “to get myself off” rather than wait for Ed to “catch [his] breath.”

“Thinking about being intimate with Ed right now, furthest thing on my mind,” she shared bluntly in a confessional. “Because it’s just really bad. If we don’t try to work on our sex life in the bedroom, the relationship’s over.”

Afterwards, the episode cut to Angela and Michael, who were not included in the class due to being long distance. With Michael dialed in via video call, they met with Rema for an individual couples’ session, where the sex therapist answered questions and brought out a surprise of her own.

Michael explained that he doesn’t masturbate due to his religious beliefs. “I don’t believe in it,” he shared. “I’d rather see my partner, you know, physically. I prefer the mating, you know? Do the do.”

As a solution for the long distance couple, Rema introduced a remote-controlled, bluetooth vibrator for them to experiment with. She explained that Angela would wear it and Michael would control it using an app. Both seemed enthusiastic about the potential.

Then, Ed and Liz had a long overdue heart-to-heart discussion about the issues in their relationship. Liz complained about his constant need to crack jokes and inability to take anything seriously, citing his antics at the class that day as an example.

Ed admitted he needed to “calm down my comedy,” which he tended to revert to whenever things “go serious.” He apologized for joking too much, adding, “I’m serious about us. I want it to work and I just feel us, you know, slipping away. And I say this very carefully, I don’t like to take life so seriously because something could happen to you, something could happen to me.”

Liz then had a realization of her own. “You could be taken from me tomorrow and… I never made you feel like I had your back,” she said, getting emotional. “I’m realizing that.”

The two reached an agreement: Ed would make an effort to take things more seriously and Liz would try not to tear him down. They exchanged heartfelt “I love you’s” and both seemed satisfied with the state of things.

Later, all the couples were assigned “homework” from Rema. Angela and Michael tested out their vibrator as she encouraged him, “Don’t play games Michael, do it slowly.” Meanwhile, Asuela masturbated solo, and Jovi and Yara cuddled in bed.

Towards the end of the episode, Molly and Kelly reached a potential breaking point. They attended a private counseling session with Dr. Jason Prendergast, a mental health counselor, and argued about why they weren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Molly, who has been frustrated ever since Kelly left his job as a police officer, claimed that he “has no respect for me as a mother and as a business owner.” Kelly argued the two of them hadn’t been communicating lately and that he refused to “fight for” someone who was going to “turn on me.”

“She’s wrong, man! I don’t need this,” he cried to Dr. Prendergast, getting emotional. “I went against all my beliefs for her. I changed everything for her. I don’t wanna be with a person like that. I’m not safe. I’m not secure … no, no, she did me wrong, man.”

In a confessional, Dr. Prendgergast said he believed both parties were dealing with their problems through “avoidance” rather than communicating. “I think Kelly and Molly both are holding onto things that they need to release individually before they can really be a real, solid couple,” he explained.
Molly said that she got where Kelly was coming from, but still maintained her doubts.

“I don’t feel like he can take care of me,” she shared honestly. “Not emotionally, not financially, not physically, not sexually, not mentally, and he probably feels the same.”

At that point, Kelly simply got up and walked away. He appeared to be completely over the conversation and seemingly had no desire to continue listening to Molly or trying to repair their relationship.

“I can’t deal with a liar,” he declared as he stormed off. “I’m done.”

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