Amy Roloff, star of TLC’s Little People, Big World, recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with her husband Chris Marek. The couple, who met at a party seven years ago, marked the occasion by sharing a series of photos on social media.

Their love story began when Amy, Matt Roloff’s ex-wife, went on a date with a guy named Bob to a painting night in Portland. Chris happened to be there, and they struck up a conversation. Later, Chris attended a pool party where he appeared shy, which was captured on the show. He took Amy for a ride on his bike, and their connection grew. Three years later, they embarked on an epic road trip together on his bike.

Fans of Little People, Big World eagerly awaited their engagement and marriage, but the wedding seemed to be delayed. Amy took two years after their engagement to finally tie the knot. The ceremony was postponed due to her move into a new home and the need to gather enough funds for both ventures. Ultimately, two years ago, they exchanged vows at Roloff Farms.

On August 28, Amy took to Instagram to commemorate their second anniversary, sharing numerous photos of herself and Chris. The pictures showcased their vacations and enjoyment of the beaches in the Pacific Northwest. In her caption, Amy expressed her love for Chris and their “wonderful crazy chaotic adventurous simple life” together. She reflected on their seven-year journey since they first met and toasted to their continued happiness.

The post garnered thousands of likes and numerous comments from fans congratulating the couple and expressing well wishes. Amy’s followers were delighted to see her looking so happy alongside Chris.

As fans continue to follow their journey, they eagerly anticipate more updates from Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, hoping for many more years of love and happiness for the couple.

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